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Get an acne-free by avoiding certain foods

With extremely bad pollution and changing lifestyle, your skin deserves special attention. The food you eat plays an essential role in maintaining your skin. All the necessary vitamins should be included on your plate. It is said that what you eat can be seen on your face. Acne is a common issue with people having oily skin. Some of the dietary changes here will surely give you acne-free and glowing skin.

Refined Carbs

Food made with all-purpose flour or white flour should be completely avoided. Say a big ‘No’ to food items such as bread, crackers, samosa, pasta, white rice, noodles, soda, artificial sweeteners or fruit pulps, and maple syrup. Eating carbs shoot up the level of blood sugar and insulin, which ultimately leads to acne development.  


Excessive intake of sugar increases oil secretion by the glands. Sugar is the food for bacteria that are responsible for acne. Increased sugar levels in the blood help bacteria to flourish and grow, which also create digestion issues.  

Coffee and chocolates

Drinking coffee boosts up your energy level and cortisol levels too. Drinking coffee can affect your skin oil glands badly. The use of dark chocolate increases the chances of having acne and lesions too.  

Fast food and spicy food

Preserved food such as pickles, sauces, chutneys increase the skin of calories and fats in the body, which invite several issues such as obesity, acne, and increased cholesterol level. Eating pizza, burgers, noodles, pasta, and shakes increases the chances of developing acne. It is assumed that consuming these foods regularly alter hormone levels in the body.   



Soya brings hormonal changes in the body, which leads to excessive estrogen in the body, which is the main reason for cystic acne. Nut milk is the perfect replacement for soya milk, whereas tofu should be replaced with organic meat.

Milk products

Regular and increased consumption of dairy products such as paneer, cheese, butter, and milk leads to increased chances of developing acne. For an acne-free skin, milk products should be avoided, whereas, on the contrary, yogurt should be included in the diet. It is expected that regular use of dairy products increases the body’s insulin level, which aggravates acne.


Alcohol is loaded with sugars, which ultimately increases blood sugar levels and contributes to acne and aging as the amount of collagen in the body decreases. It brings not only acne but also dark circles around your eyes.  

Salt or Iodine

Excessive intake of iodine in the diet increases the chances of getting prone to acne. Foods such as sushi rolls, pizza, burgers, pickles, and other items that have a high quantity of salt or iodine should be avoided. The key is to reduce the intake and not to avoid it completely.  


Intake of coconut or coconut oil in the diet is considered as one of the reasons for inviting acne. It should be avoided as it is a pore clogger. Sunflower oil is considered as a replacement for coconut oil.

Bottom line

Avoid foods that are high in sugar for an acne-free skin. Processed food, animal products, and preserved foods should be avoided entirely to get rid of acne. Dietary changes can surely help reduce acne, but visiting a doctor is a must to resolve the issue and give you an acne-free skin.

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