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Travel Tales- Cuisines of Rajasthan


Cuisines of Rajasthan and the Royal Legacy Rajasthan is the most vegetarian state in the country as 70% of the total population in the state prefer vegetarian food. The food culture of this royal state of India is highly influenced by war-like lifestyles of the Rajputs. The non-availability of fresh green vegetables and water has also influenced the dietary habits …

Gujarati Cuisine – A Rich Blend of Different Flavours Served on a Thali

Gujarati Cuisine

Gujarati Cuisine If you’ve been to Gujarat, then you must know about their rich heritage of the food culture, most commonly, defined by a complete Gujarati Thali. Despite being located along the coastal lines, Gujarat is mostly a vegetarian state, especially influenced by the Jain traditions. However, there are certain communities and groups of people who prefer including seafood, chicken, …

A Vibrant Fusion of Different Food Culture – Delhi

Delhi – A Vibrant Fusion of Different Food Culture

If there’s any city which is obsessed with food, then it has to be Delhi. Delhi, also known as National Capital Territory of Delhi, is a union territory of India. While it has been the capital city during the Mughal rule, the food culture of Delhi is highly influenced by Mughlai cuisine. Besides the Mughlai cuisine, the city also boasts …

Dadra and Nagar Haveli Cuisine – An Exquisite Affair with Tribal Food Culture

Dadra and Nagar Haveli Cuisine Known for its scenic beauty, Dadra and Nagar Haveli is a Union Territory of India located between Gujarat and Maharashtra. Dadra and Nagar Haveli has become a great tourist attraction for its historical ruins, extravagant tribal culture, and of course, the food. Besides its exquisite landscape, the place is also widely famous for its exotic …

Traveling to Chennai was fun


The plan to Travel It was pre-decided that we would be traveling to Chennai for the summer vacations. So we had planned the trip for a while. Unfortunately I had to drop out of the plan anticipating work overload in office. My wife and son had to go alone and that meant more worry for me especially since they have …

Marathi Cuisine – A Fusion of Authentic Taste and Urban Lifestyle

Maharashtrian Cuisine

Marathi Cuisine – A Fusion between Authentic Taste and Urban Lifestyle Although a western state of India, Maharashtra is ideally located at the border connecting the western and southern coastal line. Hence, you can find a lot of versatility in the food culture of Maharashtra. The traditional Marathi Cuisine of Maharashtra is highly influenced by the cooking styles, traditions, and …

Pondicherry Cuisine – It’s All about Fusion

Pondicherry Cuisine – It’s All about Fusion

Pondicherry Cuisine – It’s All about Fusion Pondicherry is a Union Territory of India in Tamil Nadu and the city has a deep connection with the French. This is why the food culture in Pondicherry has influences of the both worlds. Besides the French and Tamil influences, the Pondicherry Cuisine also takes a few inspirations from the neighboring regions. These …

Culinary Diversity of Tamil Cuisine

Tamil Cuisine – Regional Influences and Culinary Diversity of Tamil Nadu Thanks to the Udupi cuisine, the South Indian cuisine is often trademarked as Idli, Dosa, Vada, and Sambhar for the rest of the world. Well, the fact is that South India comprises of 6 – 7 different states. Each state among these have something unique and different to offer …

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