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Great gifts to your Boyfriend

Great Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Great Gifts for Your Boyfriend One of the best ways to show appreciation and love for your boyfriend is to get him a gift. Gifts can be important in a relationship because they showcase attentiveness, care and thoughtfulness. Receiving gifts is one of the five love languages, and if it’s your boyfriend’s, even better. While all gifts are good, personalized …

Choose Smart, Choose Luxury: 3 Premium Smart Watches for Women and Men

Choose Smart, Choose Luxury: 3 Premium Smart Watches for Women and Men

In today’s world, being connected is the topmost priority for every individual. No one wants to miss out on updates from his or her world, which is why smartphones have become such an indispensable part of our lives. With advancement in innovation, wearable smart technology has been on the rise with smartwatches and hybrid smartwatches at the forefront of it …

What are the healthiest ways of cooking food?

What are the healthiest ways of cooking food?

It’s true that the quality of the food that you consume is decided not only by the ingredients that you select but also the way you cook food. Opting for healthier alternatives such as hi-fibre multi-grain variants or whole grain bread produced by renowned companies such as Modern Foods is definitely the way to go. But if you are consuming …

Indian woman’s view on Vegan Lifestyle

Does the woman of today plan to choose a Vegan Lifestyle? Why? Why not? The woman of today has definitely broken the chains of slavery. Slavery of any form, any segment. She is free to think rationally and makes her own decisions. These 16 #ExtraordiNAARI ladies have a strong willpower to make it big in the blogging world and are …

Olive Oil day with Bertolli and Chef Gautam Mehrishi

Chef Gautam Mehrishi Cooking With Bertolli Olive Oil

Olive oil, one of the primary ingredients of Mediterranean cooking, is today the core of significant cuisines worldwide. Thanks to its considerable health benefits and nutritional value, olive oil is now an essential part of every kitchen. It is slowly replacing other edible or cooking oils and eventually evolving as the king of edible oils. So, when I got the …

Is Cryptocurrency Investment 100% Safe?

Is Cryptocurrency Investment Safe

Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity every single day not only among the investors but also within the hacker community. Hence, it is advisable to ensure that your cryptocurrencies are 100% safe. Make sure you don’t fall prey to any cryptocurrency frauds or scams resulting in a loss of your hard earned money. In this article, I will try to explain …

Understanding Cryptocurrency: Everything You Need to Know

Understanding Cryptocurrency

The sudden wave of cryptocurrency took not only the internet community but also the whole world by storm. Today, everyone is investing in cryptocurrency as it is touted as the future currency by many trade pundits. Everyone, from someone in their twenties to elderly wise men/women, is investing either lightly or heavily in different cryptocurrencies. Well, if you haven’t felt …

Being The Real Human Foundation

Human Foundation

Being The Real Human Foundation – #OldAgeHomeDiaries 3 Being The Real Human Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that is independent from states and International Governmental organizations. We are engaged in a wide range of activities, and take different forms in different parts of the World. Our work includes but is not limited to, Animal Rights, Environmental, Social, Advocacy and Human …

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