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New age house cleaning solutions.

The other day I came across PEUR house cleaning solutions. I was impressed with these new age house cleaning solutions as they are not the contemporary Bar/liquid which we have been using for ages now. I have reviewed a couple of them and here is a detailed review of these.

PUER dishwashing gel

PUER’s 100% natural and chemical-free dishwashing gel is truly a revolutionary cleaning product. It is designed to cut through even the toughest dried-on food or grease with just one mighty wipe. It is not only formulated to eliminate the time-consuming task of scrubbing your dishes clean but is also safe for all your kitchenware.

Let’s talk about the things I liked the most.

  1. High on efficacy: Food stains are a pain to get rid of. From stubborn, dried-in sugars and oils to chili, ketchup, and BBQ sauce, it’s nearly impossible to get your pots and pans and dishes clean without scrubbing hard. But with PUER’s natural ingredients, there is a solution.
  2. It is Natural: The all-natural, non-toxic, and plant-based formula is gentle on the hands. Unlike common dishwashing liquids, PUER Dishwashing Gel has no chemicals in it. It cleans utensils without leaving streaks after washing, and it is another sign of being chemical-free. 
  3. Less is more: Got a sink full of unwashed dishes? Just a teaspoon full of this dishwashing gel will get a load of this household chore off your shoulders. Easy on your wallet and effective on dishes, you won’t have to worry about dirty dishes in your sink anymore once you get one of these. 

PUER Floor Cleaner

Say good-bye to those stubborn stains on your floor with PUER Floor cleaner. PUER Cleaner is a genuine, natural, biodegradable cleaner that meets the growing demand for eco-friendly products. It goes well with modern technologies, does not harm the environment, and does not cause allergic reactions. A great clean for all floor types – ceramic tiles, marble, mosaic, hard surface, wooden, granite.

Things that make PUER floor cleaner the best house cleaning solution: 

  1. Flawless looking floors: We believe that a clean and stain-free floor is a pleasant sight to behold. With its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and cleansing action, PUER floor cleaner helps you keep your floor clean and infection-free. There are no harmful chemicals in PUER Floor Cleaner, making it a safer solution for your home without compromising quality or performance.

Leaves home smelling like a garden: Forget about the hustle and bustle of keeping your home smelling fresh. Now, keep it smelling heavenly with PUER’s all-natural plant-based floor cleaner. It aims to give your floors a gentle scrubbing, eliminating 99% of harmful germs on the surface. With its refreshingly clean smell, there will be no need for overusing air fresheners. Your home will now look and smell beautiful as ever.

Summing it up:

Overall a good experience using these new age house cleaning solutions. Do give it a try and let me know in your comments below.

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