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Make your kids feel less interested in phones.

When the kids start to be addicted to the screen too much, it becomes hard to make them stick to something else. It is like, they just need the phone in their hand every time they find themselves free. Gone are the days when kids liked to go out to play with their friends. Now they prefer to stay on their phones, play video games or watch videos on them. Phones have become an addiction, and if you also want your kids to feel less interested in phones, you have come to the right place. We have mentioned some tips and tactics below that you can use to help kids feel less interested in phones and keep them away from screens for good. 

Important Tips

  1. Schedule the screen time: With the increase in online classes, it is impossible to ultimately restrict the use of phones. So, what you can do is schedule the time they spend on the phone screen. 
  2. Set a good example: If you cannot keep your hands off the phones, making kids stay away from the phones is impossible. Kids look at their parents as their role models, which is why it is better to follow the same rules as kids when it comes to screen time. 
Less interested in phones
  1. Encourage other activities: Fun isn’t just what comes from playing video games or watching videos. It is possible to have a lot of fun without even looking at your phones. When it comes to learning good habits, reading is just the best. With the help of helping your kids get into the reading world, it is a favor that you are doing to them. This way, they will stay engaged in something good for their personality too. 
  2. Take them out: Going out for a walk or meeting with friends will keep them addicted to nature and how the outer world feels. Even if you cannot go out, bond with your kids over some games that do not include the phone screens. There are various board games, and even you know how entertaining they are. 
Less interested in phones


Now that we are all so dependent on technology, screen time is inevitable. But it is in our hands to balance how much time we spend on the screens and in the real world. It is crucial to encourage healthy habits, and it is in your hands to make sure of that. Make your kids feel less interested in phones and engage them in real activities.

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