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How to introduce a fitness regime in your kids

COVID pandemic has made us realize the importance of fitness and immunity. Keeping children engaged during house arrest is a common issue for many parents. Being fit and healthy is not only essential for adults, but for younger ones too. The daily practice of working out should be laid at a young age. Making your child exercise has many benefits like stronger muscles and bones, fit and lean posture, and increased immunity. Here are a few tips for introducing a fitness regime for your kids.

Primary Tips

  • Motivate:  Being a parent, it is your responsibility to motivate your child. Make a habit of doing at least 1 hour of workout along with your child and set yourself as an example. Having parents with them, they try to imitate and will enjoy doing the exercise.
  • Consistent:  Let your child know about the importance of being consistent. Let them enjoy doing dance or aerobics as it strengthens the heart and helps in blood circulation. If possible, let them participate in different activities like jogging, running, or cycling.
  • Emphasize fun:  Let your child enjoy activities that they love. Get the entire family involved as it is a great way to know about each other and spend time together.
Fitness Regime
  • Set challenges:  Give small tasks to the child and allow some time for them. Give them challenges to complete exercise while they are watching TV. Let them participate in small household chores that encourage physical activities and engagement.

Some more..

  • Understand Needs:  To introduce a fitness regime in kids to understand the needs of their bodies. Workout doesn’t mean weight lifting. Introduce simple exercises such as stretching, crunches, or push-ups to gain strength. Choose an activity that is developmentally appropriate for their age.
  • Provide a safe environment:  Make sure that the place where your child plays or does exercise is safe. Give them comfortable clothing and shoes. 
Fitness Regime

Summing up:  Exercise is a great way to improve child abilities and gain concentration. House arrest and online classes have invited uncalled problems like strain, headaches, and health issues. Give some time to yourself and protect your child from such issues. Remember that regular exercise, sound sleep, and a healthy diet are core keys to being energetic and enthusiastic all day. Developing a routine requires some time so never discourage them if they do something. It’s never too late to introduce your kids to fun physical activities so start practicing from today.

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