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Summer dietary changes in focus

Summer is here, and so is the stomach uneasiness. As the season starts, we all experience some or other health conditions. Many of these health conditions are linked to consistent dietary habits across all seasons. As we change our dressing habits according to the season, we must also change what we put in our system according to the season. Because just like our skin, our digestive system responds differently to different weather. Here’s how you can stay fit in summer by doing dietary changes and beat the summer heat.

Increase fluid intake

And we don’t mean tea, alcohol, coffee, or beverages. These drinks dehydrate you. While in summers, your body and skin need extra hydration. Drink water more often. You can also include coconut water, buttermilk, and fruit juices. Don’t wait to get thirsty to drink. Drink in every 40-60 minutes anyway.

Eat less, but more often!

In summers, your body doesn’t store energy for too long. So, even if you eat big meals, you end up feeling heavy instead of energetic. Eat frequently, preferably 5-6 times a day. This way, you will stay high on energy and feel refreshed around the clock.

Dietary changes

Eat seasonal fruits

You should eat fruits every season as they benefit your body in many ways. The advantages of eating seasonal fruits are far more overpowering than just eating any fruit. Seasonal fruits thrive in their respective weather and provide the high nutritional value needed by the body. Most of your meals should have at least one of these fruits.

Tulsi, Yogurt, and Mint

These three ingredients act as natural coolants for your system. While hopping out, try to consume one of these things to keep the effect of heat waves at bay. You can add tulsi or mint leaves to lemonade. Add yogurt to flakes or eat flavored yogurt.

Dietary Changes

Foods to avoid

Vegetables and fruits have natural salt and sugar in them. You don’t need spicy food to maintain your healthy salt or sugar intake in summer. Fast food and fried food do more harm than good to your body, especially in summers. That’s the reason you always feel uncomfortable after eating them. Chilled drinks, even chilled water, have some negative implications. When the chilled water enters your stomach, it contracts the blood vessels and restricts digestion. Eat and drink everything at room temperature.

Our bodies need extra nourishment in summer, and if we fail to provide that, our whole digestive system might collapse. Don’t overlook your dietary needs when the mercury inches higher and make the dietary changes needed soon.

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