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Summer outset exposes your body to extreme temperature. The absence of proper care and Summer Fitness may make your body vulnerable to various diseases. By following a diet plan, exercise routine, you can keep your body fit to avoid any adverse effect of temperature rise. Follow the given guidelines to stay healthy throughout the summer.

Stay indoor

If not necessary, avoid leaving your house or office after 11 A.M. and before 6 P.M. This is the time of day when heat waves are at their peak. Prolonged exposure to heat can cause heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heatstroke, and various respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Summer Fitness

Apply sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is recommendable in every weather. In summers, you must apply sunscreen to even the unexposed parts of your body. Ultraviolet rays damage your skin in many different ways but, in extreme cases, the rays can also cause skin cancer. Putting on an SPF 50 will give you complete protection from these radiations. Apply sunscreen even if you are inside your home because the reflected rays entering our house are no less harmful.

Avoid caffeinated and fizzy drinks.

Coffee, sparkling water, tea, soft drink, alcohol can leave you dehydrated. Limit their consumption and, if possible, avoid them altogether. You can replace these drinks with healthy ones, like coconut water, lemonade, fruit juice, or healthy mocktails. They will help you regulate your body temperature by supplying essential nutrients to your body. It is essential for Summer Fitness.

Small portion meal

If you eat heavy in a single go, you are overwhelming your system with carbohydrates. Excess consumption of carbs increases body temperature. That’s not what we want in summer. Therefore, you should eat light and frequent meals to gain energy. Include fresh salad and fruits in your meals. Fruits and salads are rich sources of water and work against dehydration.

Summer Fitness

Protect your eyes

Not just your skin but your eyes also suffer from prolonged exposure to sun rays. Wear polarized sunglasses before stepping out of the house. Use a hat as well, if possible.

Light fabrics and accessories.

When rough fabric brushes against your skin, it results in the formation of rashes. The same goes for heavy jewelry. Wear comfortable and airy cloth in summer to make your skin feel comfortable. Adjusting with any season takes time. If you are having a hard time adjusting to that, seek the help of your doctor. Don’t settle for home remedies if you are feeling persistent uneasiness.

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