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Zero-waste weddings in vogue

Marriages-made in heaven! Doesn’t that phrase sound familiar to you. While actually, what happens at an Indian wedding is the exact opposite of what heaven looks like. After the wedding’s over, all that’s left behind is a heap of garbage. Although most aware Millennial’s are going off the board and doing their bit to celebrate their special day in a waste less manner, the number is still not enough. Most parents still believe in throwing big fat wedding receptions to flaunt their wealth. Are you someone who wants to celebrate the day in the most eco-friendly and pocket-friendly way? Do you believe in Zero-waste weddings? We are here to suggest to you some tricks that will help you reach your expectation in the most stylish way possible.

Go paperless!

How many relatives and friends do you want to invite to your wedding? Probably, that number is not less than 200. It means more than 200 wedding cards. Now imagine how many trees would fall to generate that much amount of paper? If you want to keep your wedding free of waste, this is where you should start. Opt for video invitations. They give you more flexibility for customization. You can include as many photos/videos as you want with the love of your life in those invitations.

Zero waste Weddings

Use solar power

Eye-catchy illuminating lights are the soul of Indian weddings. On average, people spend over 40-50 thousand only on electricity bills. Putting your hard-earned money into something that has cheaper alternatives is not a rational decision. You can go for solar-powered lights instead. 

No food wastage

Nineteen crores of India’s total population sleeps hungry.  While in every typical Indian wedding party an estimated 20% of food gets wastage. Think up how many empty stomachs you can feed with that food. If you see surplus food getting dumped anywhere around you, stop it immediately. Call the nearest zero food wastage organization and let them carry the food to feed empty stomachs.

Zero waste Weddings

Ditch the single-use cutlery

Plastic and wooden-made single-use cutlery are just another waste. You can use steel or glass-made cutlery instead. If you are looking for something fancy, bone-china would be a very thoughtful option. As soon as you tie the knot, you enter the new chapter of your life. Sure, you want it to be a memorable event. What’s better than making it glorious by contributing your part to society? Remember that Zero-waste weddings will remain in memory for a long time.

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