Things Happy Couples Do that others do not
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Things Happy Couples Do that others do not

Things Happy Couples Do that others do not

β€œAnd they lived happily, ever after” Is it really so easy, I ask.l? Well, most definitely it is not if you are not having certain healthy habits in your relationship. Below, I am listing certain basic yet fundamental things that happy Couples do!!

#1 Talk

Happy Couples do make it a point to actually sit down and talk to each other. Communication is a form of bonding. It removes the scopes of any misunderstandings. Couples who talk have more clarity about their relationship s. Constant complaining, nagging and finding faults never takes you anywhere. So, it is better to talk, state your expectations clearly and stay happy.

#2 They enjoy at least something in common

No couple can have absolutely the same interests. However, if you have a good communication you will surely figure out at least one thing that both of you enjoy. It might listening to the same kind of music or a television series or cooking together. Both of you might want to join an aerobics or Yoga class together.That is for you to figure out. The idea is to spend some time together each day when both of you can enjoy.

#3 Weekends are for your partner

Well, at least a couple of hours at the weekend can be for you and your partner exclusively. You can drop the kids at Grandma’s and go enjoy a movie or a spa session with each other.

#4 Cuddle

Cuddling has a positive effect on your body as well as psychology. So, do engage in some hugs, pecks and cuddles before you call it a day and we’ll, if one event leads to other go ahead!

Things Happy Couples Do that others do not

#5 They have tolerance

Every single event that happens does not require a reaction from you. Ignoring things and even walking away, at times for a couple of minutes can help maintain the sanity between a couple. Most of the times, we react in the heat of the moment. So, it is better to let things cool down before trying to settle every argument or disagreement.

#6 Trust is the key

Just like you, your partner has a life too. Therefore, if you expect to be trusted when you are late from work or talking to someone over phone or heading out with your friends then you need to give the same liberty to your partner, as well. Trust each other and give space.

#7 Sense of humour

Be joyful about life and do not take everything too seriously. You need to keep your sense of humor alive to keep the environment at your home light and stress free.

Things Happy Couples Do that others do not

#8 Travel together

Travelling together makes you more flexible, open and carefree about life. So, do have a decent saving but every once in a while make it a point to travel and explore things together.

#9 Plan out things together

Sit with your partner when planning out monthly budget, shopping list, your careers, kids education, finances etc. This makes both the partner s feel responsible and involved.

#10 Cherish the similarities but enjoy the differences

Happy Couples never have the same character or mental makeup, they just have a good understanding of their differences. Would not life be really boring if you are an introvert and your partner is an introvert too. Would you ever be able to step out of your comfort zone if you are hesitant to try out new things while your partner loves exploring. So, it is very important that you respect your differences.

Things Happy Couples Do that others do not

To conclude, it takes effort and a calm mind to make relationships work. Happy Couples are not made in heaven. They work on it.

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12 thoughts on “Things Happy Couples Do that others do not

  1. Sometimes along the way couples lose that spark in their relationship … These simple things are a reminder of what we stopped doing and let life get into a rut.Thanks UK !

  2. A relationship must not be taken for granted and needs love and attention at all times. Your post is a reminder to all couples of the simple things that must never be forgotten to keep the spark alive always.

  3. Relationships aren’t easy to carry on with freshness n vigour all the times. We need to put effort, we need understand each other. I loved the points you have mentioned, no doubt they will help in retaining the beauty.

  4. I agree with you for all points especially the tolerance and trust. Without these a relation will suffer untimely losses.

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