How to keep the love alive in a marriage after having kids
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How to keep the love alive in a marriage after having kids.

How to keep the love alive in a marriage after having kids

Having a baby is one thing that turns around a couple’s life in every imaginable way. There are those sleepless nights, a crying baby, messy home, pending chores and on top of that an all-time low patience! So, in order to maintain a healthy and loving married life after you get a baby, you need to take care of certain things to keep the sense of belonging alive.

Do not ignore the greetings

Greet each other while leaving for work and returning. By greet we mean a heartfelt hello or good bye which involves a handshake or a quick hug or peck on the cheek.

How to keep the love alive in a marriage after having kids

Have a daily chit chat before going to bed

Do not retire to bed without having a small chat about each other’s day. it is important so that both partners know what is going on in the other’s life. After putting down the kids to bed, you can enjoy some couple time to watch you favourite TV show together or read out a book to your partner or even to practice some Yoga or meditation.

How to keep the love alive in a marriage after having kids

Some kind of Intimacy is important

Keep intimacy alive in some way even if you do not have time or energy for sex. After having a baby, women suffer from a low libido for quite some time due to crazy hormonal fluctuations. Therefore, it is important that you cuddle up with your partner in some way, either by snuggling up or by holding hands whenever you get the time alone.

How to keep the love alive in a marriage after having kids

Express, do not expect

Communicate and ask for what you need in very clear words. Dropping hints or expecting things is not going to help you because even the best of the couples cannot read each other’s minds. It is better to speak up and express than to stay in a bad mood all day and let the tension pile up. Bottling up feelings always makes you lose your temper and leaves a bad taste.

Value each other’s need to stay sane!

Understand that both the partners need some ME time. Having kids is overwhelming and demanding full time job. Therefore, every once in a while it is important that both partners get the priviledge to enjoy some me time away from kids. It could be a movie with friends or a round of drinks with friends or a spa day or a shopping spree.

So, while kids are a priority, do not forget to make each other a priority too. Kids are not a liability. They are little humans who come to your life to make it more meaningful and exciting. So, share this beautiful responsibility and make your bond stronger with each passing day.

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12 thoughts on “How to keep the love alive in a marriage after having kids.

  1. Life between partners does undergo subtle changes after kids. Priorities change and responsibilities increase which takes its toll. However, as you have mentioned efforts by both partners and effective communication is sure to keep romance alive

  2. These are some beautiful tips… We forget to do those simple things and we end up hardly even looking or talking to each other in the busy schedule of daily chores… Definitely need to share this

  3. I really think it is the small things that matter most like the simple ritual of greeting each other when leaving home or coming back or going to bed , which shows that you care and are happy for the other person. Nice post !

  4. Great reminders, UK. The entire dynamics between two people change once they have kids and it becomes imperative to pay attention to these small yet significant pointers to keep the relationship fresh and going. Enjoyed the read. It reminded me of the articles one finds in a Cosmopolitan magazine. 🙂

  5. These are beautiful gestures to keep the relationship alive and budding. Small things makes a huge difference in a relationship

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