Soy protein is environment friendly
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Soy protein is environment-friendly

Soy protein is environment friendly

Hey readers! We have done a series about why and how is Soy Protein good for your health. However, in this write up I shall be talking about the goodness of Soy protein for our environment. You must agree with me that everything we do has an impact on the environment in one way or the other. Let us seek very simple examples from day to day life… You get up in the morning, take a bath using a soap. The more chemical laden the soap is, the more it will pollute the water. You use plastic bags, the soil is affected. You drive to work, air is affected. While there is no way to stop pollution absolutely, we can surely do a lot of things to minimize our negative impact on the environment.

Everybody these days wants to eat a healthy diet and stay fit. In the past few years, people have grown very aware of how a low carb, high Protein, High fiber diet can protect them from a lot of diseases. As a result, the market for Protein supplements has drastically grown. While both Plant-based and animal-based proteins and protein products are readily available in markets, the number of people blindly opting for animal proteins such as Whey protein powders, meat, eggs, Cheese etc is highest as those compared to buyers of plant-based proteins. Let us try to understand why Soy Protein is an excellent option to consider.

A few pointers

  • Soy protein is a plant-based protein source that is way more energy-efficient and easy on the pocket when compared to animal proteins.
  • It is produced in a more environmentally sustainable fashion as opposed to animal-based proteins as it requires lesser water, energy and land sources than animal-rearing and poultry farming.
  • Growing Soy has minimal carbon footprint when compared to animal sources by as much as 8 to 80 times lesser.
  • Cultivating Soy Protein does not produce Greenhouse gases like Methane and Nitrous Oxide which are inevitably emitted in animal rearing.
  • The soybean is a very high-yielding crop that needs very limited amounts of irrigation water and fertilizers to grow.
  • Poultry farming is notorious for the administration of synthetic hormones, lots of antibiotics to animals as well as things like artificial insemination of cows. Slaughter is another aspect that is against nature’s way of functioning.


If you want to stay healthy by opting for a high-quality Protein in your diet while staying in sync with the environment then Soy Protein is the way to go. You can ditch the plant-based Proteins like Meat, eggs, milk, Whey protein powders and instead opt for Soy protein-based alternatives such as organic tofu, soy milk, soy yogurt, edamame Etc. Not only are these healthy and free from all sorts of artificial hormones and antibiotics that are administered to animals commonly but they taste equally good.

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10 thoughts on “Soy protein is environment-friendly

  1. While I know that soy has phenomenal goodness stored in it, I was ignorant of it having minimal carbon imprint. Such an informative post, Utpal. Your information is useful.

  2. Very informative post on soy protein. I didn’t know about many facts about soy protein, esp about it’s cultivation benefit.

  3. I’m allergic to soy but soy chaap is something I’ve always craved.
    The health benefits are innumerable however too much can prove harmful as it can cause hormonal imbalance in women

  4. It’s an acquired taste….but I am all for soy protein as u mentioned. These days all the more important for a healthier lifestyle…. grt info.

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