Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan For Diabetics
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Indian Vegetarian Diet Plan For Diabetics

Indian vegetarian Diet Plan For Diabetics

Diabetes  is a metabolic illness that indirectly or directly affects all the organs of the body and surely enough means a lot of dietary restrictions. Given the fact that a Diabetic is advised to shed weight to decrease Insulin resistance and improve Insulin secretion, one has to give up on their favourite foods.

We are here to discuss about a 1200-Calorie Indian Diet Plan for Diabetics. 1200 calories is the ideal calorie intake for anyone suffering from Diabetes to meet their daily energy requirements and maintain blood Sugar levels.This plan also tells you what to eat when to prevent spikes in blood sugar levels.

Let us read in more details about Indian vegetarian meal plan for Diabetes..

Indian Diet Plan For Diabetes

Early in the morning, Drink water in which Fenugreek seeds have been dipped overnight.Fenugreek has been proven to be effective in lowering the blood sugar levels and improving Insulin sensitivity.

Pre- Breakfast

Drink Tea made out of Low fat Milk.Do not add Sugar. You can have 2 Marie biscuits along with your Tea.

Alternatively, you may take Multigrain biscuits or Oats biscuits.

Total number of Calories in 1 cup of Tea: 35 calories

Total number of Calories in 2 Marie biscuits: 55 calories


According to, Indian vegetarian meal plan for Diabetes, the breakfast should be the most nutritious and relatively high on total calorie count.

Option 1

Stuffed Methi or Palak Paratha: prepare the Parantha in as less oil as possible. Methi or Fenugreek has natural sugar reducing properties.Palak is also low in calories while being high in nutrients.

Total number of Calories in Stuffed Methi paratha:  200 calories

Take your Paratha along with 1 bowl of plain curd. Do not add salt or sweeteners. 50 calories are all what you get from plain-unflavoured curd.

Option 2

2 Plain Rotis with Paneer Bhurji: This combo contains 280 calories

Option 3

Vegetable Upma/ Oats/ Vegetable Poha or vegetable porridge: 230 calories.

Mid morning snack

This is important as taking a small meal after breakfast helps to regulate your metabolism and also helps to maintain stable blood Sugar levels thus, preventing hunger pangs.

For this, you may take 1 Apple or 1 Guava or 1 Bowl watermelon or 1 Orange. This would help to deliver roughly 40 to 50 calories and also satisfy your food cravings.

It is best to avoid high sugar foods like Mangoes and Bananas.


Divide your Lunch plate into 3 sections.One half of plate should consist of Vegetables salad made of Cucumbers, Celery or Lettuce and Tomatoes.Take the salad 10 minutes prior to the Lunch,per se.

1 medium bowl of cooked vegetables cooked with less salt and minimal amount of oil.

1 medium bowl of Daal

1 phulka or Roti without ghee

This meal plan contains altogether 400 calories, approximately.

Evening snacks

For an evening snack, you may take: Lowfat Milk tea and Herbal Tea. For munchies, you may have Roasted Chana or Muri. These combos deliver approximately 100 Calories.


As per, Indian vegetarian meal plan for Diabetes, dinner should be lightest meal of your day and you should preferably consume this 2 hours before retiring to bed.

Vegetable salad, 10 minutes before dinner.

2 phulkas without Ghee with Lauki vegetable or capsicum vegetable.

This meal plan delivers roughly 200 calories.

Late night

After an hour or so, 1 cup of lowfat milk with Light flavouring can be consumed. This would deliver 150 Calories.

This is one Indian vegetarian meal plan for Diabetes that would be ideal for many Diabetic individuals, however, the exact and more precise plan can be chalked out only after taking into due consideration, an individual’s other associated medical conditions, weight, height, gender, BMR etc. So do consult your nutritionist  person to know if you can follow this 1200 Calorie Indian Diet Plan For Diabetes, as it is or get some minor changes done. You might even ask for more alternatives.So, this was our indian vegetarian meal plan for Diabetes.

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