Fashion tips to look awesome while you are pregnant
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Fashion tips to look awesome while you are pregnant

Fashion tips to look awesome while you are pregnant

Being pregnant is a beautiful yet challenging phase of womanhood. While pregnancy changes your body drastically, there is no need to feel under confident or negative about your body because you are carrying a life within you. You are a miracle woman and the little being you are carrying is another miracle. So,everyone woman should be proud to show off her baby bump.

You can surely seek some inspiration from Hollywood as well as Bollywood divas like Kareena, Soha Ali Khan etc. Who rocked preggo fashion. So, basically there is no need to wear super-sized clothes and stay back at home!

Wear your size

Wearing your size is one of the best dressing tips during pregnancy. If you haven’t gained weight and the old clothes still fit you, except for the baby bump, stick to the right size of your body. Unnecessarily hitting the XL or super-size department will only make you look chubbier which you are not. Also, it won’t make you feel comfortable or chic if you are not wearing the right size. Doesn’t matter if it is a Little Black Dress or any Indian traditional wear, stick to the size that fits well.

Fashion tips to look awesome while you are pregnant

Skinny jeans

Do not just switch to baggy jeans because you are Pregnant. You should choose a waist such as it is comfortable to walk and sit in but your jrans should be well fitted at legs.Skinny jeans balance out the boxy shirt or flowy top around the waist. Also, skinny jeans and boyfriend t-shirt looks extremely stylish even for a casual day out. You can wear flats as well as heels as per your comfort.

Fashion tips to look awesome while you are pregnant

Flowy or maxi dresses

Maxi or flowy dresses are extremely comfortable to wear. So during pregnancy, if you want to look stylish and still feel comfortable, wear these kind of dresses. You can style them up as casual or Bohemian as per your choice. You can also add trendy jackets, shrugs and chunky accessories like chokers, danglers etc. to complete the look.

Fashion tips to look awesome while you are pregnant

Layer it up

Layering the clothes is fun and experimental. Layering a simple tee shirt with jackets, shrugs, stoles etc. can transform the whole look is a great way. Also, layering helps you to hide any extra fat and bulges.

Fashion tips to look awesome while you are pregnant


Pair your off shoulders with chokers or jackets. Add various fashion statement jewellery and rings to the look. You can also try out comfortable but unconventional shoes to compliment your attire.

So. Ladies these were some of the dressing tips to look your stylish best during pregnancy. Do you have some other style hacks to share with us? Do let us know in comments.

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