Shredded chicken in Stir Fry Vegetables

January 16, 2017 UK's Fashionablefoodz 2

Healthy Eating with Shredded Chicken: When it comes to healthy eating, what better could it be than eating all stir fry vegetables, which are rich sources of Vitamins and essential nutrients. Add some boiled shredded chicken to it and your complete meal is done. This takes care of your day […]

Healthy Chana Chaat with RiteBite

December 29, 2016 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

We all love to have the Chana Chaat in any season and spiced up with green chilies and mint during the winters. The Kala Chana or the Brown chickpeas as they are known have high nutritious values and are a good supplement for people who are into fitness and workouts. […]

Paneer Schezwan Stir fry

November 17, 2016 UK's Fashionablefoodz 22

Paneer Schezwan Stir fry We always look for improvising and innovating traditional and contemporary dishes in order to bring out something new which appeals to our taste buds and which is healthy too. So when this original Schezwan recipe came to me, I immediately started thinking of ingredients and vegetable […]

Chotte Kadam to a Healthy Heart

September 29, 2016 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

Staying Fit, being active, eating fresh food and being happy always are the fundamentals of a healthy life. Being a Food Nutritionist, I am often approached by many asking me what should they specifically do in order to have a healthier heart. I normally look at their current eating habits, […]

Pug Care – Epileptic Seizure

September 27, 2016 UK's Fashionablefoodz 0

Epileptic seizures are painful and our pet Bruno experienced it in the last few months. Status epilepticus known as epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes dogs to have sudden and uncontrolled recurring seizures. These seizures are caused because of trauma, exposure to toxins, brain tumors, genetic abnormalities, issues with […]

Prevent Dengue- A Unique Recipe

September 22, 2016 UK's Fashionablefoodz 18

Almost all cities in India have been in the Grip of Malaria and even dangerous DENGUE. The whole process starts when we are bitten by female carrier Tropical mosquitos who lay eggs on water surfaces or spread this through bites. There is immense body pain accompanied with fever and vomiting. […]

SailingTara – A True Inspiration

September 12, 2016 UK's Fashionablefoodz 2

Zee Marathi presented the annual “Unch MaajhaZoka Awards” on 19th August 2016 and I was pleasantly surprised and extremely happy to see my friend Taramati Matiwade feature in the Awardee list. The Lifetime achievement award was given to Naseema Hurzuk of the Helpers for Handicaps organization. Journalist Kumar Ketkar, Dr. […]

My #QuakerBowl Experience

April 17, 2016 UK's Fashionablefoodz 14

Okay, so here I am writing my experience about Indiblogger meet, about JW Marriott, about Vikas Khanna and about Quaker Oats and #QuakerBowl…all of which happened on one day .. April 10th, 2016. Yours faithfully UK reached the venue like always much before time and surprised IB warriors Anoop and […]

Detoxify yourself.

April 14, 2016 UK's Fashionablefoodz 9

What I liked about Juicifix is the idea of detoxifying and cleansing the body during various phases of year where those extra calories are consumed and we otherwise don’t realize how unknowingly we put on weight. 8 fruit and vegetable cold pressed juices consumed in a particular order ease the […]

We are GROWING..

October 7, 2015 UK's Fashionablefoodz 8

We have moved on from and are now My Indiblogger colleagues can do a fresh review of the same. 🙂 Thank you Blogadda for changing all the URL’s immediately. Copyright © Uttpal K 1. If you share this post, please give due credit to the author Uttpal K 2. […]