How good is Soy for you?
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How good is Soy for you?

How good is Soy for you?

Most of the women these days are working. We are always trying to balance out different aspects of our life and strike an equilibrium between professional and personal matters. Amongst all jobs that women have, one important job is that of a mother. It is natural for you to be concerned about your child’s health and well being. At the same time due to our busy work schedules, women are not able to think about the nutrient value of the food that we give to our kids especially for school tiffin. How many of you have actually given it a thought? How good is Soy for you?

How good is Soy for you?From my personal experience, mornings are often chaotic for moms as well as kids. As a result, mothers do not have time to prepare a wholesome meal for tiffin and neither do kids have the time to eat a proper breakfast before going to school. Is there anything to make sure that gives optimal nutrition to your little one and can make up for the deficits in a “not so nutritious Tiffin box”. The answer is “Yes”. You can give your kids the goodness of Soy products #HealthySoy

Why are Soy products good for your child?How good is Soy for you?

  • Soy foods #SoyGoodForYou can provide high-quality protein. This can easily compensate for day to day Protein deficit that might occur due to insufficient intake of meat, dairy or veggies. Some of the soy food is fortified to act as good sources of Calcium, Vitamin D and other vital minerals and growth factors. Adequate Protein in your child’s diet is mandatory for proper growth and development in the vital years of life. A good Protein intake is essential for the required muscle mass growth and a healthy immune system as well.
  • Soy-enhanced foods are a nutri-licious way to improve the nutritive value of your kid’s diets without having to compromise with taste. Soy blends really well with all kinds of ingredients even those which have the extreme taste.
  • Incorporating soy products into daily meals helps to balance out things. This happens by reducing saturated fat intake #SoyProFit and increasing fiber and healthy Proteins.
  • Soy products are an excellent source of energy while being low in overall Calories.
  • Another good reason to incorporate Soy in your child’s or your lunch boxes is that these products help you stay “fuller” for longer. The satiety factor from Soy makes that your child does not munch on unhealthy snacks that are loaded with empty calories, throughout the day.
  • Soy products turn out to be cost-effective in long run.
  • Consumption of Soy during childhood and adolescence is helpful. It helps to lower the risk of high cholesterol, obesity, breast cancer in later life.
  • Kids who take Soy are rarely constipated.
  • Soy is a good source of Proteins for kids who have Lactose intolerance or are allergic to dairy products.
  • Incorporating soy into meals helps decrease fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and calories. It also increases fiber, while still providing children with key vitamins and minerals.

How can you incorporate Soy products in your child’s daily meals?How good is Soy for you?

You can include Soy puffs, Protein shakes, and smoothies, nutrition bars, cereals etc.


You can use Soy as a tool to make up for the daily nutritional deficit and to introduce your kids t healthy eating practices right from an early age. I am sure you know by now how important Soy is for you? What is your take on this? Let us know in the comments.


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