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Top 7 Most Popular Indian Dry Snacks To Satisfy Hunger Cravings

Indians are a foodie in nature, and they love all kinds of food. However, Indian dry snacks are something that nobody can deny their love. Indian people tend to have a special one for meals especially evening snacks. The chapatti taste of the dry Indian snacks can take your heart any day anytime. In this country, bites are best accompanied with the evening tea and are of serious business. There are several kinds of Indian dry snacks that are available online and offline both.

The tradition of preparing or stocking dry snacks

Indian dry snacks are made with a different kind of ingredients by mixing and tossing them with some spices to deliver a beautiful aromatic flavour. They usually come in a packet or a jar. However, Indians often store them in a jar to keep it airtight. You can save most snacks for nearly six months or so. There are several airtight jars available online to store such snacks you can check them out.

Every individual state in India brings their own specific set of dry snacks on the platter. However, we can’t share every snack in India and hence, we decided to share the most popular Indian dry snacks that you should store right away in your kitchen cabinets.

Most Popular Indian Snacks

The idea is to keep the snacks in stock so we can munch whenever required, either with evening tea or serve the guests. These snacks make the best evening companion at the chai time, or they are a great filler in between meals.

Most Popular Indian Snacks for Teatime

Let’s take a look at the most popular Indian snacks you can stack up to munch on later.


Channa is a delight to your mouth, and you can almost have it at any time. In fact, people consider Channa as one of the most evening snacks items because of the mouth-freshening moment it provides.


There is a specific time to enjoy your favourite Nuts. It also has many nutritional and health benefits. You can also try masala nuts along with different issues. They make your evening snacks more fun to eat.

Nuts - Indian Dry Snacks


Kurmura is a very light snack, and people do mostly love it to have at morning or evening. In fact, it is just a new version of Puffed Rice added with salt, turmeric and also roasted. It adds a great flavour to mouth.

Baked snacks

Baked snacks such as khakras or soya sticks are more like dry snacks recipes which can be stored. They are healthier than potato chips or other fast food items. The Baked Snacks with some spice tastes delicious.

Baked Items - Indian Dry Snacks


Saunf seems to be very special even though it is very light to have. It has plenty of nutrients that add significant value to your nutrition at any time. Fennel seeds also improve your breath and digestion at the same time.

Masala corn

Masala corn or even sweet corn feels to be very delicious for your evening time. You can just boil the corn and add spices and mixtures to make it tastier. People would love to have it as evening snacks items.

Masala Corn - Indian Dry Snacks

Whole wheat biscuits

Whole wheat biscuits are favourite dry snacks recipes which can be stored and also consumed at any time. It goes very well along with tea or even other snacks. You can have them at least twice in a day.


So these are top 10 best Indian dry snacks that every Indian people love to have in the evening along with their tea. If you have missed any one of them, then it is your best chance to buy and try these delicious and tasty yet tangy Indian snacks that are pure love.

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  1. These are really good ideas of dry snacking also they all are healthy options could be taken by those who are on special diet

  2. Thank you Uttpal for posting such great tips, as a doctor people ask me frequently about low calorie snacks and I think this list just helped me a a lot .

  3. Yes, these are very popular ones. I love green peas too, especially with wasabi. Kurmura is my favourite, I put sliced onion, tomato, cucumber, green chilies in it. Very tasty!

  4. These are some really loved Indian snacking options mentioned . I personally love binging on nuts and corn knowing that they are healthy and tasty too.

  5. Thanks for putting up all these wonderful list of munching snacks all together..I really like kurmura anytime …

  6. very true, we indians love snacks i can’t resist peanuts with coffee. though it’s not on your list. the list is almost perfect too.. since it has covered every category too

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