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9 Anti-Stress Foods that Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Have you ever wonder why we crave for fried food or sugary products during stress period? Research shows that stress spikes the appetite giving your brain signals to go for foods that reduce stress and anxiety. Most of the people when under stress go for comfort foods like chips, cheese, cake, cookies or ice cream, all of which leads to obesity. Processed foods that fight stress are rich in fat and sugar that sends pleasure signals to the brain by boosting serotonin hormone that clams the mind. To help you fight stress and depression, we have created a list of anti-stress foods that help relieve all stress related disorders.

If food soothes your stressed nerves, then switch to a healthier option. There is a wide variety of anti-stress foods that are healthy and nutritious for your body.

Here is a detailed list of the healthy stress relief food options:

Foods that Relieve Stress and Depression

Depression is real and it’s a good sign that finally we are talking about it. Most of the times, emotional problems are often ignored and the only advice offered is to toughen up. Well, in this age of competition and hectic life, you are always prone to stress and depression.

Most people even resort to bad habits to overcome stress and anxiety disorders such as smoking. Smoking can help you relieve stress to some extent but it’s not at all an healthy option. Also, smoking can lead to addiction and you will have to find ways to quit smoking.

Anti-Stress Foods for Stress Relief

Hence, it is important to find healthier ways to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Anti-stress foods are the best ways to counter stress and depression naturally. And, if you feel stressed too much, then try eating the following foods or include them in your regular diet to help your body counter attack stress and depression naturally.

Check out the list of magical foods that relieve stress and depression to a greater extent.

Dark Chocolate

Stress Relieving Dark Chocolates

Considered once as a sin, this potent food product contains endorphin that stimulates hormones that makes you happy. Dark chocolate contains 300 different type of compounds like anandamide and theobromine that is a mild stimulant and makes you feel light. Research shows that eating dark chocolate will have similar effects on the brain as when having marijuana. Sounds tempting then grab dark chocolate that has 70% or more cocoa content in it.


Chamomile Tea Anti-Stress Benefits

In the 1800s, Chamomile was used to calm hysteria patients. Funny that today many people are drinking chamomile tea to relieve anxiety. Chamomile contains anti-spasmodic components that ease tension from muscles and also cures digestive problems.


An Apple A Day Keeps Stress Away

There is a famous saying “An Apple a day keeps Doctor away” which is very accurate as the fruit contains a high amount of iron and phosphorous that is effective in reducing stress. Apples are also beneficial for skin, hair tissues and reverse the signs of aging which occurs due to stress.


Ragi to Relieve Stress

Also, known as finger millet, the grain contains a high amount of calcium which strengthens bones and reduces irritation to some extent. If you are a person who gets nervous fast, then try consuming raagi on a regular basis as this grain is effective in controlling anxiety and even reduce the sign of premenstrual stress.


Anti-stress Bananas

Rich in potassium and good carbs, eating banana can make you healthy and happy. Carbohydrate is known to produce serotonin that gives relaxing effect to the body. Not many people know that deficiency of potassium can leads to fatigue, insomnia, low blood sugar, stress, and breathlessness. So, if you are facing panic attack problem or don’t feel energetic, then try consuming one banana a day to overcome the mineral deficiency.


Milk is excellent anti-stress food

Feeling tired and stressed because of lack of sleep? Instead of going to sleep medication, try having a warm cup of milk with a pinch of nutmeg to enjoy a good sleep. High in Vitamin D, drinking warm milk before going to bed releases tryptophan that is effective in reducing stress.


Yogurt Helps Relieve Stress

Fermented foods like yogurt are directly connected to the gut. Studies show that unhealthy gut can leads to issues in the brain like anxiety and depression. Also, it increases the stress hormone that spikes when you face anxiety. Consuming yogurt will help in secretion of mood hormones serotonin that can make you happy.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green Leafy Vegetables Reduce Stress

Rich in folate, spinach, broccoli, mustard greens and other leafy green vegetables help in regulating the mood. High in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, leafy vegetables improve digestive system, increase metabolism, and detox the body.


Lentils help relieve stress

Packed with Vitamin B, most of the lentils are natural food to fight tiredness and fatigue. Also, they are high in protein and carbs that increase the blood sugar in the body and calms stressed muscles.

Bonus Tips to Stay Healthy with Anti-Stress Foods:

Sticking to a strict diet can also be stressful. Instead of following a diet program, you must find ways to include these anti-stress foods in your regular diet. You can follow these bonus tips to stay health and stress free for the long run.

Here are some cool tips to stay healthy while including the anti-stress foods in your diet.

Setting Priorities:

Instead of setting long-term goals fight stress by keeping weekly diets. Replace your pantry with healthy and roasted snacks. This way you will consume only nutritious food while in stress.

Keep Cheat Food

Instead of starving yourself, keep cheat food on the back side of kitchen cabinets. To satisfy sweet tooth craving, you can stock the fridge with flavor yogurt, dark chocolate, roasted nuts, and honey.

Eat in Small Bowl

The best way to stop overeating while in stress is by cutting down the proportion smartly. Instead of eating in a bigger bowl or plate, try eating in one small cup. This way you will control yourself from overeating and consume food that will relax your mind.

Eating for Happy Soul

There are tons of foods that reduce stress and anxiety, but the important thing is to choose those who help fight stress and don’t spoil your body. Eating healthy foods that fight stress is a smarter way to stay fit. You can also add some exercises like kickboxing or yoga that will help in reducing the stress and making you happy from inside.

Remember the anti-stress foods will only help your body to counter the negative emotions but you must lift your morale up yourself or find a therapist who could help you with the emotional quotient of any stress related disorders.

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  1. I love that there are some yum things like dark chocolate which will help with depression!
    I love yogurt as well!

  2. Wow i knew about dark choclate and camomile but somehow ragi, banana was never considered anti-stress, thanks for sharing i do eat banana a lot maybe that is the reason for no stress in my life!!!

  3. Very useful post. I have so far been aware of only Dark Chocolate and I completely agree with you on it. I will try out your other recommendations also.

  4. This is a superb article. I am going to book-mark this and refer it everytime. Though I have been consuming all of these, dint know that they had the anti-stress inducing properties. 🙂

  5. Lovely post with a lovely line up of pictures. Love all the anti-stress foods you have outlined.
    I’ve always eaten dark chocolate and Banana knowing they do us a world of good.
    Did’nt know about Ragi though- we have it on a regular basis as Ragi rotis.

    Thanks for all these useful insights on your blog. 🙂

  6. Well written article. I love to munch on dark chocolate when i feel them hunger pangs. Green leafy veggies and yoghurt are two other sources of stress buster foods. Thank you for sharing.

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  8. Dark chocolate is one of the best anti stress foods that helps me deal with stress.Green tea helps too

  9. A great list of food items to use as stress busters. One addition to the list is Almonds which help too. I find tea as stress relieving too. But everything in moderation is good.

  10. Wow, I had no clue that food can also be helpful in relieving stress or depression. No wonder eating chocolate made me feel better. Though I love eating dark chocolates without any stress as well 🙂

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