Persian Cats: Complete Pet Breed Information for Indians
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Persian Cats: Complete Pet Breed Information

Persian Cats: Complete Pet Breed Information for Indians

The Persian cats are found to be closely related to an ancient breed of cats, known as the Turkish Angora. They are known by various other names, like Longhair/ Persian Longhair/ Shirazi or Iranian cat. Due to their beautiful appearance, these cats are among one of the most popular cat breeds. These are originally thought to be native to the Middle East. In later centuries, these were imported to Europe and that is when they became extremely famous.


Persian Cats: Complete Pet Breed Information for IndiansPersian cats can be identified due to their distinctively fluffy appearance as well as distinct demeanor. At first, they may look like they are mean and intimidating, they actually happen to be one of the most loving cats.

  • They look so plump because of their long hair.
  • You will also notice that they have a round face, full cheeks, and short muzzle.
  • They have big, prominent and expressive eyes that vary from Blue, Amber to a nice amalgamation of these colors. Since these creatures are not very good at communication, it is their eyes which do the talking.
  • Their nose is not prominent and often looks, as if, “snubbed.”
  • They have small ears that are round-tipped.
  • Their tail is usually furry, short and loafed upwards.
  • They have a luxurious, silky and long fur.
  • Most of the Persian cats are White in color. Other commonly found coat colors of these beauties are Cream, Black, Blue-Gray, Red, Brown, Chocolate, Tortoiseshell, Calico, and seal. These can actually come in nearly 55 different combinations of colors and patterns.

Cost and care

Persian Cats: Complete Pet Breed Information for Indians It can be difficult to find a purebred Persian cat due to many variations in breeding. If you are looking forward to buying a Persian, visit an experienced breeder. You can also get DNA tests from a reputed animal lab to select a higher quality breed. Since these are amongst some of the most beautiful breeds of Cats, they are expensive to buy, groom and maintain. Depending upon their bloodline, they can cost you differently. In India, you will find Persian cats starting from 10-12 Thousand to up to 1 lakh, depending upon various factors.

  • These cats are delicate and need to be treated like royalty.
  • They need a bath often, daily grooming, quality food as well as your attention.
  • You need to comb their fur every day to avoid tangling. In fact, you should start brushing your Persian cat from an early age so that she finds this daily custom acceptable. Give her food after brushing so that she learns to associate brushing with food and does not get irritable.
  • The Persian cat’s mats might also need to be trimmed out from time to time.
  • To keep them in top-notch condition, you may also need to take them out to a professional cat groomer.

Nature and flexibility

Persian Cats: Complete Pet Breed Information for IndiansTalking generally, these cats are neither lazy nor very playful in the sense that you would not find them jumping, climbing or hopping around the house. They are reserved, docile, intelligent and can be trained in various tricks and behavior. They are more or less flexible in nature and with proper training, good food, and loving treatment, you can change them as per your needs.

These beauties are good companions but you would not find them to be very vocal. They greet the people they love with a quiet, low-key purring and not loud yowls. They vocalize themselves in melodious, short bursts.

PErsian Cats are most comfortable in familiar surroundings and around familiar people. They do not prefer surprises. If you need to visit out of town, ask somebody to do you a favor by visiting your place and taking care of your cat rather than leaving your cat in an unfamiliar home. They tend to be very cranky and displeased when not in a familiar place.

Health Issues

Persian Cats: Complete Pet Breed Information for IndiansJust like all other pets, Persian cats are also prone to certain health issues. Since we cannot call them active, they are prone to many diseases.

  • Obesity is the major health problem that plagues them.
  • They also have a tendency to suffer from wheezing. Since their nose is small, they lack a normal respiratory filter. As a result, they are predisposed to sneezes and sniffles. Therefore, it is very important to keep your cat’s nose clean to avoid mucous congestion and respiratory infections. So, wipe your cat’s nose daily with a warm cloth.
  • Due to the tendency of the thick and long fur to get tangled, they tend to get hairballs.
  • Wipe away excess tears from the corners of your Persian cat’s eyes, each time you notice excessive tears.
  • Regular visits to a qualified Vet. especially for respiratory infections is a must Corn.


Persian Cats: Complete Pet Breed Information for IndiansConsult your Vet for best advice on what to feed your Persian cat with. You can introduce raw and homemade food in moderation but mostly, specially formulated Cat food is the best for your cat.

  • Some Carbohydrates in form of cooked Rice and Corn.
  • Cooked meat can be fed to your Persian cats. Only feed a little meat at a time for providing your cat with Protein and fats.
  • Freeze-dried raw cat food that is rich in particular nutrients which your cat needs, such as certain Fatty acids, Amino acids like taurine and arginine, Vitamins and minerals

Sleeping Patterns 

Persian Cats: Complete Pet Breed Information for IndiansThe Persian cats often follow odd routines, though, this is changeable. You would often find them asleep when everyone in the house is awake. In Fact, they can be found sleeping for Two-Third of the daytime. and they love to roam around the house at night when all the members have fallen asleep. So, make sure to put out some food and their toys out at night to keep them full and entertained.


Persian Cats: Complete Pet Breed Information for Indians Have you ever tamed a cat? Do you find Persian cats adorable? Share with us some interesting facts about your Cat companion in the comments below.

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  2. We went to a cafe regularly where they had persian cats and these beauties we’re so well trained that I wasn’t scared of letting my kids play with them. Your pic with those kittens is adorable.

  3. I have a cross-breed Turkish and Persian and he is the cutest thing ever!
    And honestly not all that high maintenance. He likes Cat Food and sleeps all day. Gives me Love and attention the rest of the time 🙂

  4. Persian cats are so adorable due to their fluffy hair. They need utmost care wrt grooming but these felines are the wondrous creatures and fills a heart with lots of love. Your picture reflects that:)

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