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Secret to own a Happy Pug

Pug is the clown of the canine world. They are known to be the best companions. It’s a lap dog. A Pug has a wrinkled face and a flat nose. They are very friendly with one and all. They don’t bark much and live an average of 12-14 years if maintained well.

Pugs are susceptible to mental illness if left alone and need a lot of attention and caring. They will sleep for over 14 hours a day. They need play a lot of mind refreshing games like hiding food, fetching a cloth piece etc. This keeps them mentally fresh and active. They feel happy if taken out on long drives. Since they are lap dogs they don’t need much physical exercise.

Pug Basics:

In case you want to have friendly pups growing into understanding pets, never buy a Pug. Pet shops who sell pug pups often procure them from puppy mills. So please attend dog shows and make contact with pug owners. Buy pups from them. It is always recommended to adopt a pug. The first few things after buying a pup are teaching him/her some basic tricks and toilet habits. Since Pugs are kept in- house most times, they will prefer peeing/pooping inside the house. It is easily possible to give toilet training to the pup so that he becomes a disciplined pet in future. One more fact most pugs have weak hearts. In case the toilet training is not given they may pee anywhere when grown up. It is not advisable to shout at them then as they have weak hearts which may lead to problems.

Basic grooming of hair is utmost important when they are pups so that the shedding is minimal as they grow up. Pugs are very sensitive and will often speak with their actions/eyes. You will have to learn their unspoken language rather than trying to teach them yours. Once you do this, they are yours. A pug typically will follow only one member of the house in every room he/she goes. This is because they feel more comfortable to that one member of the family. This member has to give extra time and attention the pug always. The pug may otherwise deliberately do wrong things to seek attention. Pugs are like small children. Give them the attention/ care they want and they are yours for the next 14 years.

Pug Extra Care:

The pug will never want to sleep alone in another room. In most cases they want to cuddle up with one or more members of the family. You cannot neglect or ignore them and have to put them to sleep. They will wake you up in the morning with their adorable licking all over your face. Again a word of caution here..  Pugs are lazy, so don’t depend on them like your alarm clock. At times they may wake you up at 6am and at times they may snore off till 9 am. Another trait is snoring. Since they have flat nose, they snore a lot. You need to adapt yourself with their snoring which is sometimes louder than humans.

All in all, it’s a beautiful breed to own. If you know how to handle and adapt the above points, the you are through..

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