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Pug Owners need a Happy Pug


Dogs are man’s best friends. We should also know that the pug is one of man’s best friends when compared with other breeds. What we don’t know is that a Happy Pug is the solution to most stress related problems of man. Ask a person like me and he will tell you what it means to own a Happy Pug.

Let us first understand one thing that no two dogs are same. Even two Pug siblings may have different temperaments. So what we will discuss are things which we have to necessarily do from our end. It need not yield same results, but yes, they would yield similar results. The proportions would vary more or less.

A pug needs proper grooming, training, socialization, proper diet and so on. Please also remember that it is a Pug that we are dealing with. This funny shaped breed comes with its own set of unique problems. So it needs extra care and extra attention. Remember, he is the owner, not you. Half of your problems will be solved there itself.

Tackle Problems at early stage:

A Pug needs a lot of attention and care. He/she needs your undivided attention as it gives his/her to you eventually. They are very playful and can manage small naps in between the play itself. You can’t. So it is important not to get upset with your pug puppy when it wants to play with you. It is important that you play with him patiently every time he looks up at you. An unhappy Pug becomes possessive of his toys and belongings and often goes over the line while playing ending up in bite marks which you would not want.

Physical health:

Take your Pug to a Vet. Don’t pretend to know your pug. You are not the Vet. Don’t treat your Pug when he is sick. Don’t pretend you know everything, you don’t. You should take an appointment with your vet at least once a year. This should be for a checkup just to make sure everything is ok. They will be able to tell you some problems which you might have overlooked. Remember, the Vet has handled more dogs in his life than you have seen.

Proper Diet:

Consult your Vet on what is to be fed to your Pug. Pug diets vary depending on the condition they may/may not develop after the initial few years. All Big brand foods are just fancy and won’t help. We will discuss that separately in another post later on. Give him a good amount of water to drink daily as they need it. A good diet will keep your pug off Liver damage and occasional fits.

Physical Exercise:

Pugs  don’t need a lot of physical activity. Some strolling near the house and he/she is happy. Some playing fetch and run in the house and the pugs remain fit. Lack of physical activity may result in Lung and heart problems though. So please don’t neglect the little exercise which they need.


Pugs have a wrinkly face. You will need to clean between the folds and wrinkles, otherwise they may get infected. They are also known to shed a lot, so combing once a day is good and keeps them happy.

These are the basics in tackling the problems which one may face initially. In our next monthly post we will be discussing mental health and the Secret to own a Happy Pug.

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