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Tips for Mental Fitness

We treat mental fitness as an option. For us, physical fitness is of utmost importance because it makes us look beautiful. And yes, that’s true! But, you cannot deny the fact that mental fitness is as essential as physical fitness. If physical fitness puts you in shape, mental fitness makes you glow from the inside out. We live in a time where the workload has increased seven fold, which makes us more prone to depression. Ignoring mental fitness during this time of crisis is just not affordable to any of us. Mental fitness is easy to achieve, let’s find out how.

Mental Fitness


No, no, It does not need to be an extensive workout session. Involve yourself in any kind of physical activity you enjoy like cycling, walking, jogging, stretching, dancing, etc. Do it for at least 20 minutes per day. Exercise regulates the release of endorphins hormone (a feel-good hormone) in the body which makes you feel better and euphoric.


You heard it right! Read anything that interests you. Try switching between different genres. Go to the bookstore and pick any book of your interest and start reading. When you read your brain processes information that ignites different parts of the brain. Reading helps in improving visualization and imagination which is a great relaxation technique.


A technique to calm yourself in moments of distress. If you meditate, you distance yourself from all the negative feelings.  Meditation has many more advantages besides curbing depression.

Play games:

Especially the ones that challenge your mental abilities. Reasoning games like sudoku, crosswords, chess, and different board games make you shrewd. Leopard-paced video games boost up your ability to learn new things.

Eat healthily: 

Eat omega-rich food like fish, walnut, oyster, flax seed because they supplement the normal functioning of the brain. Stay away from saturated fats and trans fat. Eat right because when your tummy is happy you tend to be happier. 

Eliminate work-life load by adopting these tips and scintillate.

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