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9 Foods that will improve your Mental Health

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Many times, we overlook nutrition when it comes to our Mental Health. What you don’t understand that food you choose to eat will have an impact on body and mind. Neglecting a nutritious diet can result in having heart disease or diabetes, but you will also find the brain working slower. Foods hold the power that can make you behave dumb, give rise to anxiety and depression.

It is imperative to know about this complicated connection between diet and mental illness. With so many cases of depression surfacing these days, it’s time to stop consuming junk food and include food for mental health to fight all types of psychological disorder. Most of the experts believe that instead of taking supplements if nutrients like mineral, vitamins, omega three fatty acids and amino acids get included in the daily diet, it will help boost brain activity making you happier naturally.

So, to start your day with better mood is by incorporating healthy brain foods in your diet:

Top Foods for Mental Health Wellness

Foods for Mental Health


This dark green leafy vegetable is filled with nutrients and power that even Popeye ate it when in trouble. Rich in iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and folate, a bowl of spinach can do wonders on the brain and digestive system. Many people don’t know that this leafy green also has some omega 3 and omega six ratios in it. One can use it in a salad, make soup, add in vegetable dishes or just make a smoothie to have your daily brain booster fill.


Another green veggie that is good for mental health is Broccoli that is high in folate, potassium and Vitamin C. With lots of fiber in it, it keeps the gut and thinking clean.


Next, on the nutrition mental health food list comes eggs. Easy to make, eggs can be consumed every day to make your brain smarter. Eggs are an excellent source of Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and Omega 3’s.  Buy the eggs from pasture-raised chickens which are nutritious.


Fermented foods have a good number of probiotic bacteria that break down nutrients for easy absorption. Yogurt is the best-cultured food that improves digestion and improves the ability to think clearly. You can go for different types of Greek Yogurt every day which are high in protein, have live cultures, contains potassium, and Vitamin B12 Gobble down a cup, add into fruit bowl or make a smoothie, yogurt should be consumed every day to achieve healthy brain.


This small fruit is an excellent source of Vitamin C, potassium, fiber, digestive enzymes and powerful antioxidants. You can include blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries in the daily diet. Eat it raw, mix in cereals, yogurt or make an antioxidant smoothie to kick-start your day.


Zinc is an important nutrient for mental health, and the best source of food is oysters. Once can consume 4 ounces of cooked oyster to fill your daily zinc requirement. Apart from this oysters are also an excellent source of Vitamin B12, magnesium and calcium.


Ever feeling low because of life struggles then enhance the mood with a ripe banana.  A compound Tryptophan found is banana will help regulate sleep and control hunger, both associated with emotions. Apart from this, you also get potassium, vitamin B 6 and fiber that support good health.


Serotonin is a type of brain neurotransmitter which tells your brain to be happy. Lentils contain B vitamin folate which aids in a product this happy hormone in the body. If you feel lethargic or low on energy, try consuming lentils which will cause blood sugar to upsurge at a gradual rate.

Sweet potato:

A healthy alternative to its cousin Potato, this vegetable is rich in antioxidant beta-carotene which reduces the damage of brain cells. Consuming sweet potato will help reduce oxidative stress from DNA that can lead to anxiety, schizophrenia, and depression.

Diet Tips on Food for Mental Health:

We do live a life that is ruled by stress and anxiety. Wrong Diet and mental illness are very much related which are now proven by the ongoing researches. It’s not easy to just start consuming all the food for mental health wellness. Instead of going for a full-fledged kitchen cupboards makeover, try taking baby steps. Shop for your favorite fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Search for healthy recipes that require less ingredient and cooks fast.

Instead of quitting everything, try to reduce the consumption of process food, so you don’t have a craving for it. Consult the doctor for your health problems and get blood tested for your Iron, Hemoglobin, Vitamin and Sugar levels. Also, being happy is not a task but a necessity of your mind and body. Engage in an activity that makes you feel good about yourself. Remember a happy brain is the most critical step for a healthy body.

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61 thoughts on “9 Foods that will improve your Mental Health

  1. Taking baby steps to mental health is so important as you say…Superfoods again are the best way to keep the anxiety in check.

  2. Hi Uttpal!This is such an informative post. I must include these in our family diet. Loved the article and the connection between food and mental health. Looking forward to your next! Please also see my Week 1 blog for the #Superbloggerchallenge2018.

  3. Then it seems I’m doing good enough. Eggs and sweet potatoes are my fav foods ever. I also love yogurts, it makes a perfect breakfast either with oats or cereal.

  4. Not many realise the role that diet plays in improving mental health as well. Thanks for sharing this information.
    No more chocolates and ice creams as mood lifters. Eat healthy. Stay healthy.

  5. I’m a vegetarian and apart from eggs and oysters I’ve been adding all other foods in my diet, more or less.
    I believe in creating simple recipes that can make food seem tempting. Thanks for sharing this, UK.

  6. That is a useful list and I have incorporated most of the food items in my diet, however I would love some inspirations to use sweet potato in daily diet.

  7. Actually I didn’t know that these foods are good for mental health specially broccoli, oyster and sweet potato. I will start using them in my diet now.


  8. Hey UK.
    This is one very useful post. Thanks for sharing. It is kind of reminder to incorporate some things back in diet.

  9. That’s an interesting article. Never thought about foods that can impact mental health. Except for oysters and sweet potatoes I usually eat all mentioned. Have to include sweet potatoes too from now on.

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  12. Amazing and informative post. Very useful and beneficial food tips for the improvement of mental health and wellness. Great thought.

  13. Thanks for this valuable information Utpal. Though being a vegetarian Oysters are not on my list but berries, banana, and yogurt are on my list from past couple of years.

  14. Spinach and broccoli are great sources of happiness to our body. I truly believe have food that makes you smile. Because I have experienced it at all times that when you are not mentally and physically strong, nothing seems to be moving; the world comes to a stop.

  15. This one is so informative! Though I love to eat, I have no much idea about the pros and cons of different foods and diets!! Btw, banana is something which we all love and is easily available, as we grow them in our backyard.

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  17. I never realized that natural food items can be helpful for mental wellness. Mostly it is believed that mental well being is related to our thought process and if things go beyond control, medication is the only option. Thanks for this insightful post.

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  20. Very informative post. Especially for India where mental health is a taboo, although its a concern that is silently spreading its roots.

  21. I had no idea that food was affecting our mental health… All I knew was eating chocolate made me happy. Now I know that I can have great improvements by having the right kind of food

  22. So true. A good diet is very important. And I have completely understood the meaning after I have become a mother myself. And thankyou so much for sharing such ideas. It will really helps me a lot.

  23. Interesting post Uttpal. I discovered the connection of foods with mental health through this blog. With two toddlers at home, I have this entire list in my kitchen except oysters as we are eggetarians 😉

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