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Add Your Entries for Super Blogger Challenge 2018

Hello, friends and aspiring bloggers to the #SuperBloggerChallenge2018,

Here’s your friend and host UK welcoming you to the Super Blogger Academy!

Disclaimer: Everything I share in this series is based on the knowledge I gained from years of blogging. So, I don’t claim or offer any guarantee regarding the results that you will gain from this challenge.

Blogging is a medium and if you are able to connect with the audience, you can easily find ways to attract brands and monetize your blog eventually. The aim of the Super Blogger Challenge is to help the aspiring bloggers to become financially independent. However, like any other profession, blogging also requires hard work and dedication.

Besides the hard work you put it to create those helpful posts, you also need to learn the skill of networking with fellow bloggers.

Networking and socializing with other bloggers will help you learn more about the industry and you may also come across sponsors on the way. Bloggers with good networks also get invited to the relevant events and these events are really helpful in gaining more attention.

Welcome to Super Blogger Challenge

Important: The video cheatsheets and resources offered in our Super Blogger Academy is exclusively for the members who are the part of the Super Blogger Challenge. Sharing these resources with the public is strictly prohibited.
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Super Blogger Challenge Week 2 Tutorial

Week 3 Challenge Topics by Celebrity Chef Vicky Ratnani

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  1. I am so excited to be a part of #Superblogggerchallenge 2018, and it would be my pleasure to learn and grow from the experience of you awesome guys. it is great to get connected with you, hoping to have wonderful journey ahead.

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