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Working for a True social cause #ShishuSarothi

What are we today?

When we all go out to work every day, we have a single motive. Earn good enough to help our children sail smoothly through the struggle of life. We are ready to put in extra hours if needed for making their life even better. How many of us really have given time and thought for the millions of other children of lesser Gods? How many of us have actually thought of doing something for a social cause? let us presume some of us actually have. How many of us know that there are some who have dedicated themselves to the cause of people with disabilities? How many of us know that some of us work day in and day out to bring smiles on their faces just like we do for our children?

It is very important to know the definition of social service. Any activity aiming to promote the welfare of others is called as Social work. These are spread in various segments. The kids are the ones who need the most attention. If they are children with disabilities, then the problem is grave. In the northeast alone there are over 7 lac people with disabilities. This is as per the census of 2011. There are hardly any Government schemes for the northeastern states. This is a hard and bitter fact.

Shishu Sarothi

I read about this non-profit, rights-based NGO – Shishu Sarothi some days back. Since I am myself very active in Social work, I decided to read a bit more about this NGO. Established in 1987, this NGO is engaged in the welfare of the disabled children. They have their own disability centre to take care of such children. They are empanelled with the ministry of social justice and have received an award from the President of India for their work in the region. I had moist eyes by the time I finished reading their success stories.

Some of the noble objectives of this unique CSO (Civil Society Organisation) are:

• Enable access to appropriate and innovative therapies and interventions that facilitate inclusion and full participation of children and persons with disabilities.
• Create a cadre of trained human resources and undertake research studies to build knowledge on disability in general and Cerebral Palsy and developmental disabilities in particular.
• Sensitize all stakeholders, ensure implementation of legislation, facilitate redressal of grievances thereof and influence policy change.
• Habilitate/rehabilitate children and persons with disabilities to help them achieve their full potential in a barrier-free environment.

Over to you

I am sure that after seeing their work and their track record, my readers will agree with me. I would implore and request all to take out time and see the work Shishu Sarothi does for the life-uplifting of these children of the lesser Gods. It takes great courage to work in the situation they work in. I am sure we all feel like doing something too for a social cause but often can’t do because of our hectic life schedules. We also have in mind and heart this feeling to donate some money we earn for a good cause.

If you are convinced after visiting the site, I strongly urge you to donate generously to their wonderful cause here. Trust me you will feel better by helping those who are helping others lead an almost normal life. #SocialGood

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60 thoughts on “Working for a True social cause #ShishuSarothi

  1. I think if we just forego a beer and a pizza and put that amount to uplift and make a difference to others – it would be far more satisfying !

  2. I’m so happy to read that there are success stories and these kids are getting care and help. Shishu Sarothi is doing a great job!

  3. Reading about Shishu Sarothi is an eye-opener. It is sad that so many disabled persons are facing alienation from mainstream life simply because of lack of awareness, resources and inaccessibility. It gladdens the heart to know we can help reverse this situation with the help of a noble institution like this.

  4. After reading about Shishu Sarathi, I feel great about the children whose future is in the hands of Shishu Sarothi. They are doing a great job by giving the deserving children wings.

  5. Great initiative. The organisation is doing amazing work and definitely need all the help they can get.

  6. This is the side of humanity that needs to be conserved. Helping each other or able helping less abled. Good to know about organizations like Shishu sarothi who are going the extremes.

  7. Thank you Uttpal for bringing this story into the limelight. It motivates us to do something for such people. To me, they aren’t disabled, rather are differently abled. They too have hidden talent, what they need is an opportunity.
    I congratulate this organisation for doing this work to bring the change in the society.
    We must try to bring this people to mainstream by giving a proper training and we should be ready to accept them so that they should also feel a part of our society.

  8. Thanks for bringing to light about such wonderful initiatives. Yes truly said the north east part of our country is much neglected. And being part of a challenge part of the society from economically poor background can be a huge hill to climb. Such people definitely put the small steps one at a time to ensure they are also at par with us.

  9. A must-read post. I firmly believe that every citizen of our country must volunteer their services for the betterment of others. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  10. Thank you so much for sharimg about this initiative. As bloggers and writers the least we can do is spread the word about such innovative and humane initiatives with our readers.


  11. When they people can take initiative then why not us. Hats off to #Shishusarothi
    Through these people only humanity is still there.

  12. Firstly I congratulate the people who want to make a difference to the society by contributing positively towards its betterment. I would definitely like to make contributions myself n have some plans in my mind too.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post. Would share it with all.

    Pls read my week8 post for #superbloggerchallenge2018 #instacuppa


  13. The disabled are gifted for they can achieve anything a normal human can..all they need is some empowerment and support. Kudos to Shishu Sarothi for working for the differently abled in a self-less manner.

  14. Shishu Sarothi is the kind of people we need for better development of India. He has not only made a life for himself but for many more too. Hat’s off to him. #superbloggerchallenge2018

  15. Great work being done by Shishu Sirohi. And kudos to you for playing an active role in social work in spite of a busy schedule. It is indeed a pity that the northeast is neglected so much and only remembered during election time.

  16. Such a Nobel and inspiring initiative…they are doing really a wonderful work and more power to them, thanks a lot to you for sharing it with us. it always feels great to know that there are people in our society who believe in self-less work. hats off..#SuperBloggerChallenge2018

  17. Such a nice cause and so great efforts! Posts like these inspire me to actually stop cribbing about my life as it as make it more meaningful by helping the less fortunate!

  18. Trusts like these ensure that the kindness and generosity in human minds have not gone completely. Loved reading and knowing these. #superbloggerchallenge2018 #instacuppa

  19. Thank you for sharing their story Utpal. Very less time, these real superheroes of our society come into limelight. The NGO is doing such a great work. Nothing is better than serving those special need people.

    1. True that Shipra. We can only help by sharing their work and this post as much as possible so that more people come forward with open hearts and donate for this noble cause. 🙂

  20. This is a great post I read today. They surely are doing loads for humanity. Hope someday we all can do the same. But we can start by donating towards them..

  21. That’s a wonderful NGO. They are doing a wonderful job. I have like to have the details where I can donate and help them whichever way I can.


  22. I agree with you that we all want to help these people but don’t take out time from our busy schedules. The actual people helping here have the real heart of gold. They are serving the society in the best way.

  23. This is really interesting! Congratulations to Shishu shorothi and wishing them all the success. It is important to sensitize people to help people with disabilities into mainstream.

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