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Olive Oil day with Bertolli and Chef Gautam Mehrishi

Olive oil, one of the primary ingredients of Mediterranean cooking, is today the core of significant cuisines worldwide. Thanks to its considerable health benefits and nutritional value, olive oil is now an essential part of every kitchen. It is slowly replacing other edible or cooking oils and eventually evolving as the king of edible oils.

So, when I got the invitation to an event sponsored by Bertolli, a well-known food brand known as the No.1 manufacturer of olive oil I couldn’t miss it. Well, unlike other countries, India has a wide range of traditional cooking oils of its own. The main idea of the event was to let the world know that the flavor of all cuisines around the world. This included Indian cuisines which can be enhanced with Bertolli and therefore, #TastesBetterWithBertolli.

Being the No.1 olive oil in the world, Bertolli is the ultimate choice in most households. As Indians relish a different variety of tastes and flavors, Bertolli is the ideal choice for its versatile flavourful variants of olive oil. Depending on the type of the dish, you can just choose one of these three options of olive oil:

Bertolli Olive Oil Range

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Excellent for salad dressings and dips
  • Classico Olive Oil – Ideal for Sautéing
  • Extra Light Olive Oil – A healthy option for deep frying and baking

Each of these varieties from Bertolli is designed to work with different styles of cooking. It is recommended to use olive oil at moderate temperatures as it is not your regular vegetable oil.

The Classico must be used at medium heat, whereas the Extra Light version is ideal for deep frying and cooking.

The workshop

Finally, it was time for the most enlightening workshop for a food blogger and emerging chef. I was all set to see the Bertolli’s Olive Oil varieties in action. Chef Gautam Mehrishi took the stage to go live and cook the dish suggested by the winner.

Chef Gautam Mehrishi With Bertolli Oil

The lucky winner Jyoti Thakur whose recipe got picked came on the stage for a fantastic rendezvous to cook their favorite dish with one of the top Indian chefs, Gautam Mehrishi.

The overall feel of the event made it worth attending the workshop. Similar to the last year’s event, Bertolli signed up as the Food Festival sponsor at the HT’s annual Kala Ghoda Festival. However, this year’s theme was Hara Ghoda, and the idea behind the concept was to celebrate the shade of green to begin a healthy drive with Bertolli’s Olive Oil, crowned as the best in the world.

The Brand

Registering the most number of sales annually as the leading Olive Oil brand, Bertolli is without any doubt the most favored food brand all over the world. In a way, the company is also promoting a healthy lifestyle. Most other edible oils aren’t as refined as the extra virgin olive oil. The traditional cooking oils also contain saturated fats leading to high cholesterol levels.

With #BertolliWaaliBaat, Chef Gautam Mehrishi displayed some great style of cooking with olive oil at the event. Indians are not used to olive oil. It takes time to make the shift from our regular oils to a healthy alternative.

Chef Gautam Mehrishi Cooking With Bertolli Olive Oil

Dish Made by Gautam Mehrishi with Bertolli Olive OilThanks to Bertolli and Chef Gautam, we now have basic knowledge about the history and usage of Olive Oil in our basic cooking.

In addition to that, I was also lucky to taste the delightful Tarte à lorange chocolat made by Parisserie India using Bertolli Olive Oil.

All in all, it was one of the most fruitful workshops. I got to learn a lot about Bertolli’s olive oil range. Most importantly made new friends from the food industry.

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18 thoughts on “Olive Oil day with Bertolli and Chef Gautam Mehrishi

  1. I would love to know more about olive oil. I always use olive oil for salad dressings and even basic cooking! They says it’s best for health 🙂
    Looks like a great event.

    1. Yes, There is a lot you can learn about the various kinds of Olive oils. The frist extract is of course the Extra virgin Olive Oil and hence the name and color. The rest are of course the second extract and third extract and so on. The color and the properties of heating also change as they move from Extra Virgin Olive oil to Extra light. 🙂

  2. i have added olive oil only to my salads never cooked using it i thought the nutrition dies while cooking, but this chef looks like making some really great dishwes out of it.

    Also, i never knew so many different types of oilve oil exists i only knew about extra virgin oilve oil

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