Protein Calculator unveiled by Prithvi Shaw
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Protinex – The Only Protein Supplement That Offers Hydrolysed Proteins

Protinex is a boon in disguise for those looking for a protein-rich diet on a regular basis. Since its launch in the Indian market as the only brand offering hydrolysed proteins, Protinex became the go-to product for the Indian fitness enthusiasts and individuals opting for a healthy dietary lifestyle. Being a 100% vegetarian product, it becomes an excellent protein source for everyone.

Mumbai-based nutritionist Ruby Sound explained that the regular intake of pulses, fish, or chicken is not enough to meet the daily requirement of protein. If you aren’t a fitness enthusiast who works out rigorously at the gym, you need to monitor your diet precisely as most of these protein sources also contain fats.

Protein Calculator unveiled by Prithvi Shaw

Protein supplements such as Protinex contains zero trans-fats and consists of many other essential nutrients to qualify as an excellent supplement to your daily dietary needs.

Also, Protinex uses hydrolysed protein instead of intact protein and it is the only brand in India that excels in hydrolysed proteins. Dr. Nandan Joshi, Head of Nutrition Science & Medical Affairs, Danone explained the benefits of hydrolysed protein.

Benefits of Hydrolysed Proteins over Intact Proteins

According to him, intact protein is a complex molecule and must split into fragments before being absorbed by the intestine. Hydrolysed protein, on the other hand, doesn’t require such splitting and can be quickly absorbed by the intestine. Most protein-rich foods such as fish, pulses, eggs, chicken, etc. contain intact proteins.

Here are some of the benefits of Hydrolysed proteins over intact proteins:

  • Hydrolysed proteins have a significant effect on amino acids as these proteins deliver amino acids faster from gut to muscles compared to the intact proteins. Also, the swifter delivery ensures that the liver gets lesser time to extract essential amino acids, thereby letting more amino acids get absorbed by muscles.
  • Hydrolysed protein also has higher insulinotropic effect resulting in higher production of insulin compared to intact proteins.
  • According to a recent study, hydrolysed proteins also help in the faster recovery of muscles post workout as well as after an exercise-induced muscle injury.
  • Also, ingesting protein hydrolysate with carbs during or post workout can also help improve the overall body protein-synthesis.
  • As we get old, the absorption of amino acids and protein digestion gets weaker in our body. However, replacing intact proteins with protein hydrolysate would help speed up the protein digestion and higher absorption of amino acids among elders.
  •  A study on a group of infants suffering from cow milk allergy (CMA) has proved that hydrolysed proteins are also useful for babies with risk of food allergies or immune diseases

In their mission to educate Indians about the importance of protein intake daily, Protinex launched a Protein Calculator during an event held on 15th February 2018. The recently crowned U/19 World Cup champion team’s captain Prithvi Shaw unveiled the calculator at the event.

Protein Calculator unveiled by Prithvi Shaw

Protinex intends to help Indians to acknowledge the fact that we are protein deficient and must intake the required amount of protein every day. The calculator helps an individual to determine his/her daily protein intake. A body needs at least 0.75gm to 1gm of protein per 1kg weight. So, an average individual weighing 70kgs will require 52gms to 75gms protein daily. With the help of the protein calculator, it becomes easy to achieve the required quota of protein daily.

In addition to unveiling the protein calculator, the event also invited some renowned nutritionists who were present there to educate the attendees about the importance of protein in our daily diet.


Protein Calculator unveiled by Prithvi Shaw Protein Calculator unveiled by Prithvi ShawConclusion

Hence, it is highly recommended to opt for something like Protinex which is the only brand that provides hydrolysed proteins instead of intact ones. A recent IMRB survey found that 73% of urban Indian population is protein deficient. The study also found that the myths around protein are too high in the country. While the 30% believe an egg is enough to meet the requirement of the daily protein, there are 73% who think green leafy vegetables are the excellent source of protein.

The basic idea of the whole event was to spread the message loud and clear about these myths and educate the people through the influencer medium about the importance of protein.

Protein Calculator unveiled by Prithvi ShawBesides the daily diet, we must look for alternative ways to cover our daily protein requirement. Protinex is one of the best choices I recommend as it offers hydrolysed protein and contains zero trans-fats. Most importantly, it also consists of other essential nutrients.

Protein is an essential macro nutrient that our body needs as it provides us the primary strength as well as help build the muscles in the body. Just use the protein calculator by Protinex and start improving your protein intake today!

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