Kids busy during lockdown
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Unique ways to keep kids busy during lockdown.

Children today have started settling with online sessions and are choosing their ways to keep learning. With the schools closed, parents have taken up new roles too. We must keep children entertained, especially during the lockdown. Here are a few unique happy lockdown activities to keep kids busy during lockdown.

What to do  

  • Yoga/ Exercise: Exercise is a great way to channel energy and relieve stress and anxiety. Lockdown is the best time to improve cognitive skills. Involve children with you to do yoga and exercise to improve body posture, flexibility, and strength. 
  • Dooling: Dooling is a great way to express imagination and bring out creativity. Allow your child to decide a theme and put his/her ideas for dooling. Let them have fun with colors to work on recycling projects and paint projects.
  • Cooking: Sharing meals is a great way to connect. Give kids some responsibilities to help you in the kitchen. Involve them in small activities such as peeling, grating, preparing salads, juices, and sandwiches. 
Kids busy during lockdown
  • Tele-party: Let your child watch TV and enjoy music. Permit them to talk to their friend on phones and video calls. Let them enjoy web series as web series give learning opportunities. Sit with your children and enjoy them together.
  • Parties:  Virtual parties can be a great way to give children responsibility. Let them decide the menu, theme, and dress code for the virtual party.    
  • Gardening:  Gardening is a great way to nurture a sense of belongingness and responsibility. Allow them to take care of plants for having great learning experiences.
  • Get creative: Lockdown can be the best time to get creative and try DIYs. Let them be creative with fun activities such as finger painting, origami, and indoor gardening. Let them spruce their bedroom with new ideas. Allow them to rearrange things and arrange their beds.  

Some More things to do..

  • Storytime: Fix a schedule where a child can enjoy reading activities. Try to use different vocabulary words and voices for each character to make it more alive.
Kids busy during lockdown
  • Follow hobbies: Know about your child’s hobbies, let them do collections, and enjoy this time. Motivate them to collect photographs, stamps, or coins and make their collection. Let them learn new languages and instruments. Encourage creativity to keep kids busy during lockdown. Keep them busy using different craft materials such as balloons, popsicles, glue, and colored papers.
  • Games:  Give kids puzzles, crosswords, and Rubik’s cube to develop cognitive skills. Play indoor games with children and spend quality time together.
  • Reading activities:  Inculcate the habit of reading by giving children books of their choice. It will not only keep them busy but will help with vocabulary and communication skills.  
  • Washing cars: Children love to play with water. Take their help to give your vehicles a rinse.  

Conclusion: Being busy is not only important for children but adults too. While children are creative, parents can also discover their creativity. Are you ready to make use of lockdown time in a creative way? what are your unique ways to keep kids busy during lockdown. Do share your ideas with us.

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