Post Pregnancy
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Pet care post Pregnancy.

One requires more care and love post pregnancy. Pets also need special care and compassion from you. Being a pet owner, it is your responsibility to take care of new mothers and babies too. Make sure that you check her days before and after pregnancy. The babies born are dependent on their mother, and the mother depends on you for everything. Let us discuss how you can prevent a dangerous situation and care for them.  

What to do:

Post Pregnancy

What more to do

Post Pregnancy
  • Monitoring:  Regularly monitor mothers and babies. Many of the times, infections can get very risky. Keep checking her mammary glands and consult a doctor if something bothers you. If the vaginal discharge continues for too long, it can be an infection in her uterus. Consult a veterinarian at the earliest. Keep a check if your pet or baby cries a lot. It can be because of pain or indigestion. Try weighing your pet and babies at least once a week.  


Take the help of the vet to give your suggestion for the best food and its amount. Give your pet a familiar place to take care of her babies post pregnancy and post delivery. Make that space warm and comfortable. Use medications only after a prescription by the vet. Avoid intervening too much between mother and babies as it can lead to unnecessary aggression and stress. Enjoy the beautiful phase of life and not forget to take pictures with our loved ones.

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