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10 Facts About Pets That You Never Knew

Pets are an integral part of our family. Every individual has his or her unique personality; the same is with pets too. Pets can sometimes be complex and challenging to understand. There are so many new things which we still don’t know. Here are ten interesting facts about pets that you can share with your family and friends.

Interesting Facts

  • Sweating: Dogs can sweat only from the bottom of their feet, whereas cats do not have sweat glands. Dogs pant to cool down. 
  • Vocal sounds: A dog can produce about ten different vocal sounds. Cats are amazing creatures as they can produce about one hundred different vocal sounds. Their vocal sounds make them unique from each other.
  • Memory: Cats have a better memory than dogs. A dog can have memory lasting only for five minutes, whereas cats have memories lasting for almost 16 hours. Licking helps them to think and memorize things. 
  • Awareness: Dogs have a sense of time and are so knowledgeable about their schedules well. They are entirely aware of their meals and walking time. Pets usually have associative memory, which helps them to recollect and recall all information.
Facts about Pets
  • Attention: Pets can pretend to be sick to gain more attention and love from you. They get jealous when you show passion towards other creatures. Have you noticed your pets staring at you? Don’t worry; it is their way of loving you. 
  • Sleep: Cats sleep almost 16 hours a day, whereas dogs sleep for 12-14 hours a day. A dog curls up while sleeping as it gives them a sense of protection and warmth.
  • Smelling: It is exciting to know that our pets can smell our feelings. Dogs have special power to smell and know about our moods, such as fear and anger. Dogs have unique nose prints just like we have fingerprints. 
  • Petting: Many studies have proved that petting a pet can improve our mental and physical health. It helps one to control blood pressure and overcome stress and loneliness. These are some interesting facts about pets mentioned here.
Facts about Pets

 Food and tasting:

Avoid giving chocolates and other products which contain theobromine. It affects their metabolism and can be deadly for dogs. Most of the birds eat at least half of their weight in food every day. Cats can’t taste sweetness. Their rough tongue helps them to lick and eat meat. Dogs are blessed as they can taste water, too, so dogs’ tongues react as they drink.

  • Physical characters: Mostly, male cats are left-pawed, whereas the female is right-pawed. They have 18 toes and can jump up to six times their length. Pets can live longer if they stay indoors. Dogs can be right or left-pawed, just like us.

Summary: Do you have any interesting facts about Pets to share with us? Think! What do you love most about your pet? Pets teach us to love, compassion, and care; let’s unite and stand for them.

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