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How to make learning enjoyable.

The global lockdown has bought children under house arrest.  Every parent and educator must know to keep these little energy balls engaged and how we can make them learn.  The process of learning should be enjoyable, and it should also manage their time effectively.  The situation is such that we have no access to playgrounds, and so kids get bored quickly.  The challenge is to make learning enjoyable and also keep them away from the screen. Let’s see how we can make learning an enjoyable experience for our little ones.

Learning by doing

Learning something by doing or hands-on is a great way to make learning fun.  Use simple experiments before introducing them to a new topic.  The only way to keep them engaged is by creating curiosity about what will happen next.  Keeping kids occupied for hours includes activities like projects or model making while giving them some work.  Art and craft sessions or interdisciplinary worksheets or assignments must reinforce what has already been done at school.

DIY stuff

Try to use inexpensive things such as old CDs, match sticks, glues, colored paper, etc. and encourage them to make something creative out of it.

Encourage storytelling

To develop fluency in speaking and writing, encourage kids to create fantasies with stuffed animals.  Let them use their toys collection or animal figure toys to create their own stories.

Allow them to work in groups

Cooperative learning strategy is essential as they can retain information quicker and longer.  This also develops interpersonal skills, critical thinking skills, and communication skills.  Plan out activities in such a way that every child can play an essential role.

Teach as per their ability

Learning can be fun if the student is taught as per this ability.  Use Multiple intelligence theory to understand the type of your learner.   Every person’s needs vary, so try to know about their strengths and weaknesses before you experiment with something new.

make learning enjoying

Mold learning strategies as per their interest

Pay attention to the interest of your learners. It’s not always possible, but at least try to teach them according to their passion and interest.  Incorporate some changes into your lessons where it’s possible.

Offer choice

Everyone likes to choose.  Give a few options and let your learner decide how she or she will complete their work.  Offering choice teaches independence and decision-making skills.  Remember that this is a choice between the method of completing work and not the choice between work and play.

Give breaks

Rebooting is necessary for all.  Take a break and give a break by incorporating music, art, sport, or recap activities during your classes.  Breaks not only reboot you but also increase your attention span.

Create Games

Make games for your usual lessons.  It can be some vocabulary games, riddles, or memory games for learning a language, especially.  

Add Toppings

Spice up boring topics by planning them in a creative way.  Maybe a song, simple experiment, or jigsaw puzzle.  Try to think somewhere students can get the desired outcome by their own trial and error.

Bottom line

It is essential to make learning enjoyable.  It can be done when we motivate our learners according to their abilities.  Allow them to learn with a smile so that they can never forget you. 

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