Regularity and Discipline
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How to introduce the concept of regularity and discipline to the children.

A successful individual is one who has put efforts in his endeavors. It is a necessity to develop these attributes as a child so that it helps in the long run. Arguably, it is childhood habits that have a deep effect on our career and studies. Speaking about, “introducing” the concept of, “regularity” and “discipline” in children, let us firstly find out, what is meant by, “regularity” and “discipline”. Now, “regularity” in a child’s behavior is, regulating the child’s activities to a more productive way of life. By this, we can understand that the child has to be channelized to perform activities that are beneficial, rather than activities that are abhorring and a waste of time. “Discipline”, on the other hand is the art of keeping up principles for a disciplined mind and keeping up time, for a disciplined lifestyle and organizing the child’s stuffs himself or herself for a problem free and organised life.

The question now is, “how to introduce these concepts in children?” For this, we should understand what is “int-roduction” of a “con-cept”.

Now, introduction is the process of bringing in something new into an individual and concept is the process of conning our everyday activity to alleviate a set of activities which are more productive! 

The innermost, underlying truth of humanity is goodness. Every living species has to be good, to someone or the other species to be alive. Children imbibe this quality as and when they start learning. It is without their knowledge that they learn to be good to their parents, to be a hero in front of their friends and so on. So it is this quality in children that we need to tap and use this quality to introduce them to something good and appreciable such as, “regularity” and “discipline”.

Regularity and Discipline

The child should be appreciated in every small action that the child does to uphold these concepts. Rewards are the best way to make a child learn about the activities that are liked and disliked. This makes the child happy while rewarded and sad when not rewarded.

The child should be let known about his or her achievement when he or she follows the tasks taught in being regulated or being disciplined. The child should be able to realize and recognize his or her win or ease of performing tasks when being regulated or when being disciplined.

For example, when the parent asks for a book that the child is studying, if the child can readily show the particular book which he or she has arranged by teaching is by itself an example that the child is being regulated and is learning discipline. If the child is rewarded with a chocolate or other suitable kind for this and explained in understandable words and to what activity the child has learnt, the child will be encouraged and will perform similar tasks that brings him or her a reward, with confidence in the future. This by itself is a sure shot way to introduce the concept of regularity and discipline in children.

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