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6 Diet Programs to Lose Weight in a Healthier Way

One can find different types of diet programs to lose weight online. There are several popular diets programs to lose weight fast while other promising to cleanse the system. Choosing among the most popular diets can be a difficult task when you have less time in hand and kilos of weight to lose.

Weight loss is a process and there’s no instant remedy to shed all those belly fat quickly. You can always look for alternative remedies such as detox smoothies that help in weight loss. While the diet programs to lose weight may help to some extent, it is up to you and your persistent effort to stick to one weight loss diet religiously.

The truth about dieting is it works differently for each person. To shed weight fast, you need to exercise that works positively on your body. In this article, we will be reviewing the different type of weight loss diets.

Most Popular Diet Programs to Lose Weight

These popular diet programs to lose weight are designed and developed by nutritionists and fitness experts. The most popular diets mentioned below will work perfectly if you can also blend in some workout programs either at home or a gym.

Diet Programs to Lose Weight

Regular exercise is the best way to compliment the weight loss diet you opt for among the different diet programs to lose weight.

So without further ado, let’s go through the most popular diet programs to lose weight in a healthier way.

Keto Diet:

Immensely popular among celebrities and people who want to shed fat in weeks, Keto diet is a well-known low carb and high-fat diet. In this, you force the body’s metabolic state to produce energy by ketones in the liver as a primary energy source instead of relying on carbohydrates. The person who wants to start a keto diet is advised to get the guidance of dietician as the carbohydrate withdrawal might give a shock to the system making you very sick for some time.

Paleo diet:

This diet focus on eating habits of our ancestors living during the stone age. Yes, the Paleo diet emphasis on consuming lean protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains. Some say that paleo diet is good for those who wish to reduce sugar level, cholesterol or blood pressure. This diet tells you to eliminate processed food from daily diet and consume whole grains.

Vegan Diet:

A vegan diet is invented by the vegetarians who want to take vegetarianism one step ahead of banishing dairy products like milk, by-products of milk, egg or any other animal products. A vegan diet is proven to be an efficient way to lose weight without compromising on nutrition level. With the higher intake of fiber, water base plant and whole grain food, this diet reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

Most Popular Diets to Lose Weight

Dukan Diet:

Unlike another diet the Dukan diet is divided into four phases, two sections focused on weight loss and other two on maintenance of the body. Each stage depends upon the weight loss you wish to achieve. Every part of Dukan diet has a dietary schedule. On the start, one can consume low fat, non-starchy vegetables and some carbs. This will boost the metabolism helping in losing weight. Another part diet is purely focused on consuming protein-rich food that helps in maintaining weight.

Low Fat Diet:

As the name suggests in this dietary plan, one needs to consume fat under 10% of overall consumed calories. Sounds difficult!!! This diet is quite popular who want to go thin fast as its focus on consuming no fat to least amount of fat on a regular basis. This diet is only useful for obese people but adapting the plan can be a real challenge. A low-fat diet can give an adverse reaction on the body like hormonal imbalance and might demotivate the person practicing this diet.

Intermittent Fasting:

This diet is more like an eating pattern rather than focusing on eating a certain type of foods. The intermittent fasting includes:

How to Lose Weight Faster

  • The 16:8 method, where breakfast needs to be skipped and eating is limited to 8 hours and fasting for remaining 16 hours. In this section, you discipline the eating pattern so you won’t consume any food when you are least active.
  • In 5:2 diet, for two days, the calorie intake is restricted to 600 calories while other five days is when you can consume normal healthy diet.
  • Eat-Stop-Eat is a popular weight loss diet where one needs to practice 24 hours of fast once or twice a week (no-consecutive days).
  • In Warrior Diet, One needs to eat a few fruits and vegetables during the day. In the night, they can relish a big healthy meal. The main thing to keep in mind while practicing warrior diet is to keep four-hour window between the morning eating and night meal.

Mindful Review of Most Popular Diets:

There is no perfect diet unless it is followed by a healthy lifestyle and exercise. You can control the calorie consumption, change food pattern but the most important change is to put a stop to eating processed foods. Sugary drinks, chips, fried food, sweets, alcohol, smoking, and lack of sleep all combined can make you obese and sick.

One can always try different diets to lose weight fast, but it will only work if you focus on eating healthy foods in small proportion. With above-mentioned diet programs to lose weight, we in a humble way tried to pass information on ways to lose weight.

Still, if you are obese, then consult the doctor before practicing any kind of weight loss diet. Instead of consuming no food, try to eat healthy, fresh and lead an active life that will help in maintain the body.

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  1. Meri diet sounds so scary. I agree with you diet can help for time being but we have to keep check on intake of processed food. As they have long lasting side effects

  2. I do not believe in any diets. Just eat healthy and stay active. Diets never work in the long run and ultimately you are back to what you were. This is a helpful list for any one looking for a comparison study on diets.

  3. Your mindful review gives an honest overview of how different diet works.I too believe in eating healthy,exercise and sleep

  4. Healthy eating , exercises and sleep is very important than only dieting, but these diet program where interesting, gonna use few of them!!!

  5. Wow dukan diet was new to me. Intermittent fasting seems like another health fad. Love the research you put in.

  6. I have never believed in dieting because I never knew what it actually meant. Dieting for me was a synonym of starving. Once I decided to know more about it, I realized there is a lot of misinformation out there. Detailed posts like this actually help us understand this better 🙂 Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Wow! This a beautifully written black G on various means of weightoss. I have heard about the few method names but was not sure what they meant. Now, I know after reading ur blog.
    Personally I like the approach of Intermittent fasting ☺️
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