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How to save family from infection during rainy season

People love monsoon because it brings drizzles of happiness with it. But do you know our bodies become vulnerable to infections in monsoon? Yes, and the people with lower immunity suffer the most. Don’t worry; we have you covered. Listed below are a few common infections that spread during the rainy season with preventive measures that will shield you and your family against it. Since we are in the Corona period, we may tend to over look at the untimely Rainy season which may come this year.


  • Malaria: During the rainy season, clogging of rainwater is common. This clogged water is ideal for the breeding of mosquitoes. The mosquitoes population multiplies uncontrollably in clogged water, giving rise to a lethal disease called malaria. If you can’t stop water clogging, you can at least control the population of mosquitoes by spraying antiseptic liquid in water. Apply mosquito repellent cream to your skin and use mosquito repellent coil/liquid to keep mosquito away. Avoiding contact with mosquito will also protect you from another life-threatening disease called dengue.
Rainy Season
  • Hepatitis A: This disease directly affects your liver and makes it dysfunctional up to several percent. Contaminated food and water are the main culprits responsible for spreading the disease. Using clean drinking water and washing vegetables properly before cooking will shield you against hepatitis A.
  • Cholera & Typhoid: These are the most common infections spread by bacteria during the rainy season. A bacteria called Vibrio cholera is responsible for spreading Cholera, while Salmonella typhi is responsible for spreading Typhoid. Lack of proper sanitation and access to clean food and water are responsible for the spread of these bacteria. Adopting proper sanitation habits and eating and drinking hygienic food and water are some of the most effective measures to curb Cholera & Typhoid.
  • Common Cold and Flu: The temperature fluctuates a lot during the rainy season, and our bodies have a hard time adjusting to that. That’s when we become susceptible to bacterial and viral attacks. Our bodies need sufficient nutrients to fight these bacteria and viruses. Nutritional food accelerates the production of antibodies that are necessary to fight these antigens. So, try to include seasonal and nutritional fruits and veggies in your meals.
Rainy Season
  • Fungal Skin Infections: Long exposure of skin to rainwater can result in fungal infection. After getting wet from rain, take a brief shower. Pat dry your body and avoid rubbing your skin rigorously.
Here are a few other preventive measures to remain unaffected from the season’s effect.
  • Your hair becomes very fragile during this season. Therefore styling your hair (perming, straightening, and applying gel) may further deteriorate them to an extent that the damage becomes incorrigible. Avoid styling your hair.
Rainy Season
  • Avoid eating street food. Most of the street food vendors and restaurants do not maintain proper hygiene, which is crucial during the rainy season. So, eating outside food is not recommendable during monsoon.
  • Cover your mouth with a napkin while coughing or sneezing. Monsoon is infamous for spreading contagious diseases because it is an ideal season for bacterial growth.
  • Minimize your screen time as it puts extra strain on your eyes, paving the way for eye infections like conjunctivitis. Do not touch your eyes without washing your hands.
Rainy Season

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