Staying Disease free this monsoon for better health
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How to stay Disease free this monsoon

How to stay Disease free this monsoon

Monsoons are that time of the year when the humidity is at peak. The high humidity in the environment makes it an ideal situation for microorganisms/ This includes Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses to grow and cause all sorts of infections. Therefore, the airborne, food borne and waterborne as well as parasitic diseases are on an all time high during the time of monsoons. It is particularly important that we take special care of our health around this time of the year. It is also important to protect our family and those around us. Read on below to know about these health tips for Monsoon fitness. This will surely tell you how to stay Disease free this monsoon.

Water and Hydration

Since the weather turns a bit cool during Monsoons, it is natural that would not sweat too much therefore, you would tend to feel less thirsty. However, make sure that you do not skip the Golden rule of drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day.

To keep your metabolism active, it is a good idea to eat something light and healthy every 2 hours or so. Sip on to Coconut water or buttermilk or even antioxidant rich green tea. You may have freshly squeezed fruit juices,too for making up for the deficit in your Vitamin intake.

How to stay Disease free this monsoon


Avoid food that is sold by vendors and in open stalls during Monsoons due to hygiene reasons. It is best to Opt for home cooked food that is easy to digest and is prepared with utmost care. Say no to stale food when it is raining.

To keep your gut healthy, do make yogurt a part of your daily diet. The Lacto bacillus in it helps to prevent diarrhea away.

How to stay Disease free this monsoon


During Monsoons, your immune system tends to slow down a bit. This happens during changing weather, particularly Monsoon. You would find a lot of people contracting seasonal Viral infections. To avoid this, increase the intake of antioxidants in form of dry fruits, nuts, Flax seeds, Chia seeds and Sabza seeds, citrus fruits, Honey and Green veggies. Add Garlic to your home-cooked food or if you can, you can chew on a clove of Garlic eat day. Garlic boosts immunity and has potent anti-bacterial properties.

How to stay Disease free this monsoon

Do not forget to workout

Opt for indoor workouts like aerobics and Yoga but make sure to keep your body moving and your heartbeat pumping for at least 30 minutes, in a day.

How to stay Disease free this monsoon

Hygiene is important

How to stay Disease free this monsoon

  • To avoid getting respiratory infections, please try to wash your hands frequently. Avoid touching your nose, mouth or eyes when your hands are unclean. Avoid places that are too crowded or wear a mask in trains or buses, while commuting.
  • Eye flu is very common in rainy season. Again, keep your hands clean and avoid rubbing your eyes.
  • Sweating mixed with high humidity is a bad combination. So, in order to avoid skin infections, bathe twice a day using an antibacterial soap and dry out your body completely before getting into clothes. Using anti fungal dusting powder in folds of the skin advisable too.
  • Stick to homemade food during monsoons because, the chances of contamination of food are higher in  monsoon when the humidity is high.

More tips on how to stay Disease free this monsoon.

  • Keep your home clean and disinfected. Designate a place to keep your shoes in a rack before entering the house. If you happen to get drenched in the rain, take a bath as soon as you get home and change into a fresh pair.
  • Using air purifiers is a good idea during monsoon. You could also keep sachets containing activated Charcoal in your closets to absorb moisture in your wardrobe.
  • Keep kitchen and bathrooms dry to prevent mould build up.

So, these are some ways to stay Disease free during the humid weather in monsoons. Let us know if you have any tips to share on how to stay Disease free this monsoon.

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28 thoughts on “How to stay Disease free this monsoon

  1. Having clean water and seasonal fruits are really important and great tips to stay healthy and enjoy this season!!

  2. Hygiene and immunity are the two main points to stay disease free in monsoon or any season. These points and tips are great.

  3. This was an extremely informational blog post but with some valuable tips.
    I also need to work on certain things like keeping myself hydrated and maintaining the hygiene in the kitchen

  4. You have covered all the important points Utpal. From healthy eating to exercise and hygiene, they are all essential to stay disease free not only during monsoon months but throughout the year.

  5. Nutrition and exercise play an important role in helping us fight diseases. And of course, the other points you’ve mentioned are significant. Stay healthy!

  6. Monsoon is a season which brings cheer everywhere. Peacocks dance and the earth acquires a brilliant sheen and everything looks romantic. But lurking in the shadows are the threats of disease, and one needs to take proactive steps to keep them at bay. These are some really sensible tips to stay healthy and enjoy the rains too.

  7. These are some really great tips to stay healthy. Thanks for sharing this very important topic.

  8. Washing hands before eating makes really a difference. I have made a habit of this for my baby too. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  9. Being fit is the best way to beat any disease, and for that, we do require all these ideas. Keeping self hydrated with clean water, physically fit and stay in the hygienic environment are the basic requirements.

  10. Monsoons are my favourite but they make me fall sick very frequently! These tips are definitely going to help me a lot!

  11. Good post… Very good pointers, and so important to remember in this weather. It is so easy to get dehydrated or postpone baths and this can cause so much problem.. Those tips are especially important.

  12. water and hygiene are so much important when it comes to staying disease free. We too try to keep it simple homemade food, clean water and maintain hygiene. With a toddler around, when the immunity level is low, we also make sure he gets his vaccinations are on time.

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