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Monsoon Nutrition: Do’s and Dont’s

Monsoon Nutrition: Do’s and Dont’s

Most people in India welcome Monsoon with open heart. The rains brings a respite from the scorching Summer heat. However, just like every season, Monsoon season too has it’s typical set of diseases like Food poisoning, Diarrhea,Cholera etc. Therefore, it is very important to keep a watch on our food habits both nutrition wise and hygiene wise. This is where the do’s and don’ts of Monsoon Nutrition come in picture.


During Monsoon season, our body finds it difficult to digest food so, it is advisable to consume smaller and more frequent meals throughout the day instead of three heavy meals. Otherwise, one is bound to suffer from troubles like: Gas and indigestion. This is because during the Monsoon season, the Vatta Dosha of our body is likely to go out of balance. The Doshas are the metabolic principles of our body that sync our mind,physical body and biological functions.It is an Ayurvedic term.

Easily digestible Daals like Moong dal with simple Jeera and Hing tadka should be consumed in plenty during the Monsoon season.

If you like to consume meat then go for soups or Broths rather than heavy gravy Meat curries. However, it is best to avoid non vegetarian foods during Monsoons, altogether.

Monsoon nutrition


Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly with lukewarm water to get rid of dirt build up as well as various worms and Larvae of insects.

Carry RO or Filtered water from your home everywhere you go rather than consuming the water stored in malls or offices.


It is a good idea to drink warm beverages during the rainy season, especially, herbal teas and infused teas. You can add milk to these teas, if you wish. Adding Sonth or freshly grated Ginger while preparing your tea is recommended in monsoons as it enhances flavor, is anti-inflammatory and also improves digestion.

Monsoon nutrition


The following spices:Garlic, Black pepper, ginger, Hing, Cumin powder, Turmeric and Coriander help to ease digestion as well as improve immunity.

Chilli on the other hand stimulates blood circulation and increases the chances of spread of allergies in the body.

Monsoon nutrition


You should avoid Leafy vegetables during monsoon and consume season veggies like Bottle guard, Bitter Guard, Snake Guard, Capsicum, Apple Guard and beans during this season.

Seasonal fruits like: Apples, Peaches, Mangoes, Pomegranates may be consumed. Though they don’t do a value add to monsoon nutrition, they don’t do harm either.

Monsoon nutrition


Avoid Street foods in rains. If you have a tendency too feel hungry while on the go either carry munchies from your home.For example: you can go for homemade chikkis, Chana, sprouts, Besan/Atta Ladoos, roasted Makhanas or buy only from restaurants that maintain good levels of hygiene.

Monsoon nutrition


For cooking, avoid heavy oils like Mustard, Peanut and Sesame.Instead, choose lighter oils like Olive and Corn oil. Heavy oils increase the Pitta dosh in your body during the Monsoon season which invites infections.

Monsoon nutrition


Added table salt and Pickles both increase the water retention in the body and are responsible for bloating and high Blood pressure.So, it is best to avoid these in the rainy season.

Monsoon nutrition

Watery foods like Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Raw salads, Buttermilk, Lemonades should be avoided in Monsoon time.

Avoid full cream milk and go for toned milk, yoghurt and curd during Monsoon season.

So, these precautions listed from a hygiene and Ayurvedic point of view will keep you away from seasonal diseases. Remember, Monsoon Nutrition, if followed will keep you energetic all along.

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26 thoughts on “Monsoon Nutrition: Do’s and Dont’s

  1. With monsoon, we really need to take care of many things and it’s important to take care of the food we eat and serve to our family..Great post!!

  2. What an informative post! With your tips in my hand, I feel well equipped to deal with the monsoons this year!

  3. This is a very informative post. I hadn’t a clue buttermilk or watermelon should be avoided in this season. Following this routine from now on.

  4. Informative post .
    Hing tadka to daal is actually too good as will help to reduce gastric problems.
    Will keep in mind this post while preparing menu

    1. Thanx for these wonderful insights on what to avoid during monsoon..well, I need to cut down on fried food and eat light food

  5. I never knew full cream milk should be avoided in monsoon. Thanks for sharing such practical tips with us.

      1. That is an amazing post! Monsoons are the time when bacteria and fungi grow rapidly… It’s best to eat food from hygienic places to avoid infections!

      2. During monsoon we need special care of our food and your tips are so needy during this season.. Thanks for saring.

  6. Your tips are very helpful and now I will ensure health and well being of my family this monsoon.

  7. It’s funny how most people in India reach out for pakodas (and that too in limitless quantities!) during the rainy season. It’s best to keep it light as you pointed out above because the season demands that. One feels more energetic when eating light.

  8. That is an amazing post! Monsoons are the time when bacteria and fungi grow rapidly… It’s best to eat food from hygienic places to avoid infections!

  9. We mostly follow normal food routine which ultimately lead to illness during monsoon. Never knew that we should avoid pickles and full cream during monsoon.

  10. A simple and healthy diet and clean drinking water is a must in monsoons to avoid any health issues this season. This is quite an informative post UK

    1. People simply consume oily and fried food during monsoon. They eat heavy and not light. Thank you sharing these tips. I didn’t know that pickles retain water in body. Will keep that in mind.

  11. A light diet will help in improving the overall digestion in monsoon .These are insightful tips to live better eating right

  12. I love the rains and I love this weather, and I am a big time foodie. Had no idea we should avoid pickles, and buttermilk and watermelon. I usually consume these three a lot, so I’ll be more careful now, thanks for sharing!

  13. People simply consume oily and fried food during monsoon. They eat heavy and not light. Thank you sharing these tips. I didn’t know that pickles retain water in body. Will keep that in mind.

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