Some habits to avoid common diseases in children
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Some habits to avoid common diseases in children

Some habits to avoid common diseases in children

How to Avoid common diseases in children? That is the question every parent has in his/her mind. The cold and flu season may be in full swing, but that doesn’t mean the whole family has to succumb to days or weeks of sniffling, coughing, and achy misery. The key to staying healthy: Keep your body in top form, ready to fight off illness, by eating well; getting enough sleep, exercise, and fresh air; and being savvy about fending off germs. Here, tips on how to strengthen your family’s overall health and avoid common diseases in children.

Better Nutrition

No marks for guessing, better nutrition helps to save your children from a lot of diseases. The growing kids need a diversified diet. You must include all sorts of food sources in your diet like fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, whole grains, cereals and proteins.This ensures an improved immunity since, your child gets all the vital nutrients in their diet.

Your diet must contain foods which are naturally high in vitamin A, B, C, and E. These vitamins ensure that you get a constant supply of antioxidants, including: flavonoids and Carotenoids that ensures your immunity stays high and the White blood cell counts do not fall below an optimum level.A good diet along with nutritional supplements, wherever required helps to keep a lot of infectious and deficiency diseases at a bay.Vitamin C in particular is very effective in boosting the immune system

Consume 100 % fruit juices, Green veggies, Yellow and Red pigmented foods, calcium-rich foods like milk, yogurt, tofu and cheese; potassium enriched bananas, raisins and grapes; zinc and magnesium. This will help avoid common diseases in children

Some habits to avoid common diseases in children

Having said that I would love to list some Indian Staples that help to boost immunity in kids:

Raw fruits and salads

Dry fruits powder

Also or Flax seeds ladoo



Vegetable soups

Get the daylight

Spending some fraction of your day outdoors in the bright sunlight helps to beat the blues and of course, you get your daily dose of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is vital to allow ample deposition of Calcium in bones. This helps to keep the bone related disorders at a bay and keeps vague aches across the body at a bay.

Some habits to avoid common diseases in children

Get enough rest

When you sleep, you body turns to a protective and repair mode. Lack of enough rest leads to a marked reduction in the functioning of the body’s natural killer-cell activity, which are also known as White blood cells. This makes them more susceptible to catch infections.Other problems that might occur due to impaired ability to focus and slower reaction time, fatigue appears to cause irritability, hyperactivity, and night terrors. A thirty minute power nap in the afternoon after school and an undisturbed sleep at night really helps small children.

Some habits to avoid common diseases in children


Some form of moderate exercise like games that involve running, hopping or jogging, aerobics or swimming for around half an hour each day keeps the blood circulation healthy and helps to burn calories. More and more children these days are becoming a victim of lifestyle diseases like obesity and even early age Diabetes.

Some habits to avoid common diseases in children

An emotionally sound environment

An often overlooked way to avoid common diseases in children includes providing your little ones with an environment that is free from arguments and unnecessary confrontations between parents and other family members. This helps children grow into mentally healthy, responsible and caring individuals. Stress and emotionally disturbing environment also increases the susceptibility of individuals to catch seasonal infections due to decreased ability of the immune system to ward off viruses.

Some habits to avoid common diseases in children

Do you give something in particular to your kids to boost their immunity? Let us know in the comments section below how you feel one can avoid common diseases in children.

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30 thoughts on “Some habits to avoid common diseases in children

  1. My kids also have light sleep and because of which they usually get tired …you have pointed out good tips to keep kids Happy and healthy

  2. My baby also get restless the whole day if she does not sleep properly. One thing I also noticed whenever kids come at home from outside washing hands also helps.

  3. Exercise is the most underrated habit among children as well as adults. We must inculcate the habit in our little ones for better physical and mental health.

  4. These are simple and practical measures that are really beneficial and ensure the overall health of kids. One of the most important of course is about getting more sunlight. Most kids tend to be more and more indoors and glued to smartphones and other manifestations of technology.

  5. Great tips Utpal. Better nutrition, sleep and self hygiene are utmost important. Kids should make sure to wash their hands whenever they come from outside or after using toilets or if they accidentally touched anything dirty. It is applicable before earing anything too. Nutrition, rest and exercise are equally essential .

  6. These are some great tips to avoid common diseases. Taking small steps can help a lot. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. These are quite the valid points that you have raised here, kids need pretty much everything from good nutrition to sunlight and ample sleep. This season especially which is havoc for health. Insightful post.

  8. You seem to have covered almost all the aspects of having a happy and healthy child at home. This will def help create a right balance of everything a child needs for a healthy lifestyle.

  9. These are some simple yet effective ways to avoid some common diseases. I make a point that my son eats healthy, play around and this helps to have a sound sleep too.

  10. Proper nutrition and exercise are of utmost importance in kids! A positive, healthy atmosphere also keeps kids emotionally healthy! Loved reading the post!

  11. Good tips. In this weather, these tips are great to keep in mind.
    The only challenge is with helping kids get enough vitamin D while still protecting them from heat and sun burn.

  12. These tips are nice and to the point to keep kids away from diseases in this changing weather. infact few of them applies on adults too

  13. All the points you have mentioned are so important to impliment .. My son also behaves weird when not get proper sleep .

  14. There are some very obvious and visible signs that we often neglect and then they trouble the kids alot. Sharing this with more and more people 🙂

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