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How to deal with food allergies

Allergies are a negative response given by our bodies when we eat something. Food allergies are common and can happen with anyone anytime.  Symptoms for allergies can vary from mild to severe, depending on the body’s immune system. Allergies are due to the response of our body or immunity towards the food that we eat. A few of the common symptoms are cold, cough, rashes on the body, or stomach upset. The only solution that can put a full stop on Food allergies is avoiding such foods. One must recognize the allergen for his or her body. Let’s discuss how we can avoid the intake of allergens.

Diagnose your allergens

One must be aware of the allergens and its symptoms.  If you are well aware of the allergens for your body, you can contact the doctor if you have eaten it indirectly or unknowingly.  Most of the symptoms can be seen in the body after 2-3 hours of ingestion, so you can have enough time to sort out everything with the help of a doctor.

Reading labels

We usually read the manufacturing date, expiry date, and different ingredients whenever we buy anything from the market.  The actual problem arises with confusing food labels.  Real confusion arises when we read labels with “May contain” or “Might contain” statements.   Many of the times, confusing names are used to hide the identity of different food items.  A few of the common ingredients’ names that can confuse are whey (milk) and lecithin (soy).  The common allergens are milk, eggs, curd, spices for seafood, sesame, mustard, so be cautious whenever you purchase or eat something.

 Handy Medicare kit

If you have severe food allergies, your close contacts should know about all the necessary details, such as your medicines and the name of the doctor, to be contacted during an emergency.   Ensure that you carry all your necessary medicines wherever you go outside.

Understanding cross-reactivity

Cross-reactions are one of the primary reasons for food allergies.  It all depends on the immunity of a person’s body.  The cross-reactions vary from person to person.  Cross-reactivity occurs between the same type of proteins.  Cross-reactivity is usually seen with milk, eggs, lemons, nuts, and legumes.

Cross contact

Cross-contact is when you eat something unintentionally. It usually happens when you eat something which directly or indirectly came in contact with an allergen.  It can be when you use the same utensils for cooking different items when you have handled the allergen and not washed your hands or uncovered food.

Be careful while cooking or dining out

Food Allergies

All the dishes and utensils should be washed if you have cooked something that your body doesn’t accept.  Try to keep your things separate from allergens.  If you are going out for dinner, be very specific about your food allergies.  Think twice before you order.

Medical band

Always wear a medical band that mentions all your food allergies.  Carry all the necessary contact details of doctors and medicine for any emergencies.

Decide your remedy

Know about your allergy type. If it can go deadly or can attack you severely, visiting a doctor is a must.  If you have any symptoms like heart palpitations, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, or chest pain after eating something, then go and visit a doctor immediately.

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