Winter Fashion Trends 2018 for Ladies
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Winter Fashion Trends 2018 for Ladies

Winter has already set in and is pretty much in full swing in most parts of India. We totally love winters for Christmas, New year celebrations, holidays and winter fashion! Layering up gives you so many opportunities to get innovative with your dressing sense. So, if you are looking for some inspiration to amp up your styling game this season, we are here with certain ideas that will surely help you.

Cigarette pants and coloured jeans

Gone are the days when winters were about loose fitted trousers and baggy lowers. Also, the ripped denims are so not apt. for the chilly weather. So, must purchase some Cigarette pants and fitted jeans to team up with your tops, sweaters and coats. Have some basic colours of trousers like: Black, Blue, Beige,White and Brown. Also, ditch the same old blue denims and have fun with beautiful pastels.

We totally recommend fitted denims and trousers to balance out the illusion of a heavier upper body because of wearing so many layers at the top.

Experiment with unconventional necks

Leave the traditional collars, V necks and boat necks to your summer tops. In winters, it is time to sport Turtlenecks and Polo necks.These look very season appropriate, look awesome when worn in layers and keep your neck very snug, too. The best part about the cozy neck sweaters is that they look beautiful when worn alone as well as when worn with jackets or overcoats.

Trench overcoats

Trench coats are here to rule this winter season. These look sleek, stylish and smart. Have a couple of these in your wardrobe. Invest in good quality trench coats from premium brands as these last forever with proper maintenance so, fetching out a few extra bucks for once should not be an issue. We really recommend a Camel coloured trench coat, a Black and White Checkered trench coat and a blazing Red trench coat to every lady out there. You can literally pair these up with every outfit and look like a diva.

Leather Jackets

Now. If there is one winter wardrobe essential that never fails to make a mark, it is a Leather jacket! While, Black is evergreen, we would like to recommend colors like White, Navy Blue and Cherry as well to make you stand out from the crowd! Leather jackets look beautiful with basic tees and denims.

A collection of stoles and scarves

You can never have too many of these. Wraps, stoles and scarves in all sorts of solid colors, varied prints and textures. Fabrics like Wool, Sipk, Velvet and faux fur are the most popular choices. Winter fashion is never complete without these.

These can teamed up with multiple outfits. What sn effortless way to look uber cool in winters.


Tunic dresses when paired up with the correct stockings and jackets happen to be the best kind of Winter outfit that one can wear. You can choose from body hugging or flared tunics as per your taste and body type. Mid thigh length tunics work the best for tall girls while shorter beauties should opt for knee length tunics.


Now, you can ask what is so stylish about hoodies? We are not talking about normal hoodies here but the ones that are adorned with beautiful and cozy fur. To add spunk to any hoodie jacket, pair it up with printed jeggings or leggings.

So, ladies did you like our suggestions for sharpening your winter fashion style game? Do let us know in the comments section below..

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  1. I liked “collection of scarves” and “ usual neckline”, trench coat is something which I must try too. A wonderful post!

  2. I really feel that fashion is something always deal with comfort too and winter fashion is one …so great list of fashion for winters

  3. My personal favourites are the hoodies n trenchcoats. They are casual yet glamoured, n of course super comfortable. I guess boots add that added flavour to Winter fashion.

  4. I love the post, i already own few things you’ve shared rest i’ve buy so you’ve shared just the perfect shopping list for winter

  5. I really loved the asymmetric neck lines as a fashion statement and colourful scarves to spruce up the monotonous winter clothing .Did not know you were a fashion guru !

  6. I love the way you have mentioned all detailing on winter styling , my personal favourite are asymmetric hemlines and those stole scarves , the boots too however I am not fond of winters but winters coats and boots ❤️

  7. Oh my, someone seems to be entering my niche now. Well written article with all the Staples for a fashionable Winter wardrobe. Throw in a few trendy pieces and you will slay!

    1. That is your niche and you will remain the Guru there. I just make attempts here and there when I recollect my shoots and in front of the camera days.. :p
      Suggestion is taken for the next post.. 🙂

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