Tips to make better gravy
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Tips to make better gravy

Tips to make better gravy

Indian cooking is all about Gravy, Gravies and more yummy Gravies. Let us admit, our gravies do not always turn out to be perfect. Nonetheless, the effort to make it perfect each time is always worth it. All of us are always on a lookout for tips that can make our recipes taste delicious especially when some folks are coming over. Here are some basic tips that I would like to share with my lovely readers. The bachelors and the beginners in cooking will benefit from these tips. These tips are specifically listed keeping the Indian style of cooking in mind.

Change the Cooking medium for special occasions

When guests are coming over and you want your gravy to taste better and different than routine gravy, use ghee or butter as the cooking medium instead of refined oil. Butter is salty do make sure to take care regarding the amount of Salt you add to your gravy later on.

Sabut Garam Masalas

If you are a North Indian, you must be aware of Garam Masala. So, one quick tip is to skip the readymade garam masala and add the ingredients of the garam masala to the cooking oil or ghee or your gravy while it is getting ready, directly instead. You can use peppercorns, Cloves, Tez Patta, Saunf, Cumin seeds, dried Ginger, Choti Elaichi, Moti Elaichi, Dalchini, Javitri etc depending upon the recipe you are following. Go for Sabut Garam masala ingredients instead of powder. This way the flavors of the masala shall be better infused in your gravy and the aroma would be excellent, too.

Tips to make better gravy

Do not be in a hurry

Always let your gravy cook slowly on medium heat. As the water slowly evaporates, the flavors will become more concentrated. Keep the lid closed as much as possible to allow the flavors to retain.

Get the perfect texture every time

You can add thickening agents like Cashewnut paste, Charmagaz paste or plain malai/milk cream. You can also add commercially available cream to your curries. These ingredients improve the texture as well as flavor of your curries.

Tips to make better gravy

Vegetable stock is awesome

Whenever possible, add vegetable stock instead of water to thin out your gravies and make them more runny or watery. Vegetable stock will make your gravies taste far better.

Befriend the tomato ketchup

Whenever you want to impart tanginess to your gravy, you can always add Tomato ketchup to the gravy.

Say no to lumps

When using Cornstarch to thicken the gravy, always dissolve it in cold water before adding to the gravy in order to prevent the formation of lumps.
If your gravy turns out to be lumpy, you can let it cool down and then use a hand blender to smoothen out the texture and remove the lumps.

Oh the sweetness!

For imparting a mellow, sweet flavor to your gravies, you may use malai, Sugar, Jaggery, Cinnamon or Honey.

Serve it in style

Always add, fresh Coriander leaves, a splash of Lemon juice, a dash of butter or Kasoori Methi while serving depending upon the recipe. These ingredients improve the appearance, taste and aroma many folds.

Butter Chicken at Cafe Noorani

Last but not the least, serve hot!

So guys, what are your secrets for making excellent gravies every time? Do share with us in the comments section. We are all ears!!

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