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6 Top Clothing Brands in India You Can’t Ignore

Indian fashion has been a trademark for the whole world since decades. Fashion in India has decades of traditions behind it, and now it has spread across millions of people in the world. The top clothing brands in India have found a way to attract the new generation of styling. Though it won’t be wrong to say that many youths have adopted the western culture of styling, fashion in India still has not changed in the rituals. The best designers in the world and also the top clothing brands have brought up exclusive collections to match the needs of the 21st Century. The Indian Top Fashion Brands have even made out a way to let the people get indulge in a new choice of clothing.

Fashionista present in the country and all around the world crave to purchase an exclusive collection of clothes from these top designers and brands. If you are willing to do the same, check out our list of the Indian Top Fashion Brands!

Best Clothing Brands in India

Top Clothing Brands in India

With the passing years, Indian Fashion market is expanding massively, but it always difficult to understand the needs of a buyer. However, there are several local and international fashion brands in India which are famous and known for their quality and comfort. Starting from Levi’s to Flying Machine, Allen Solly to Wrangler, etc.; you will find several Indian and Foreign brands to choose.

Top 6 Fashion Brands in India

Indian Top Fashion Brands

If you are a person to go with the trend, then these are the Top 10 Indian Fashion Brands to look out. This list includes both the local as well as international fashion brands in India.

#1. Levi’s:

Do you love to wear jeans or denim? Then your wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of Levi’s jeans. The brand Levi’s is quite popular in India because of its sexy cut, style, and fantastic fit. Also, the quality of the fabrics is outstanding and comfortable to wear. This American Brand was launched in the year of 1853.

#2. Flying Machine:

One of the most popular Indian fashion brands is Flying Machine that offers comfortable clothing at an affordable range. Jeans are quite comfortable to wear with this brand. Also, you can try out formal wears from their range.

#3. Pepe Jeans:

The third one in the list is one of the favorite brands in India. Pepe Jeans is a London based International brand that was launched in the year 1973. It deals with jeans and coats for both men and women. This brand also has apparels for kids.

International Fashion Brands in India

#4. Park Avenue:

Park Avenue is one of the top clothing brands in India which is a Mumbai based brand and was launched in the year 1986. The quality of the fabric is outstanding, and it deals with formal shirts and pants for both men and women. You can get some good quality party wears as well. They also have some great smelling deodorants and perfumes to try out.

#5. Allen Solly:

Allen Solly is an Indian brand, launched in the year 1993. It is a brand from the Aditya Birla Group. It is one of the most loved brands for its wide range of vibrant and casual yet perfect for any occasion’s apparel for both men and women. Starting from casual shirts to trendy graphic t-shirts, from dresses to skirts, etc.; they have it all to keep you fashionable and fashionista.

#6. Wrangler:

Wrangler is an American based fashion brand launched in the year of 1947. The style and the texture of the fabric are quite remarkable. The best part is that it gives a year warranty on every product you purchase. This brand is quite favourite among men in India because of the comfort and fashion statement of the apparels.

There are many more clothing brands in India. We will look at them, some other day, some other post.

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38 thoughts on “6 Top Clothing Brands in India You Can’t Ignore

  1. My favourites are Levis and Pepe specially for t shirts and jeans. I particularly like then for their quality and designs.

  2. Cool post. My personal favourites are Levi’s for jeans, Zara and ONLY hands down! This reminds me to go for shopping soon 😉 #Superbloggerchallenge #Instacuppa

  3. Very Conscious about brands in my university period, i have let of the craze. Buy whatever and wherever I like. May be I am going old.!!!!

  4. I really like Allen Solly from this list and of course, Levis 🙂 Great post and thanks for sharing, Uttpal 🙂 Inviting you to read my Week 10 post for #Superbloggerchallenge2018

  5. Wow! Best post for fashion freaks. My favorite is allen Solly for my kids and Levi s and per jeans for my husband. Awesome Post.

  6. Nice post and a good list , DO make a list for Indian Ethnic Wears 🙂
    Classy & Comfortable ones 🙂 And affordable too .

  7. love the list, levis jeans: everyone would have at least one, it’s fit is amazing too. #superbloggerchallenge2018 #instacuppa

  8. When It comes to denim, my uncle has its own brand called Spyrun, I wear that. I love the tees from flying machine and shirts of allen solly but nowadays there are lots brands in the market which you can’t ignore. So it is difficult to stay loyal to one.


  9. These are the best brands for sure. I personally wear Levis and it is cloth is simply the best. However, my husband prefers Allen Solly #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

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