Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials for Men
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10 Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials for Every Man

The trend of minimal living is picking up all across the world, and the same can be witnessed in the fashion world, especially men’s fashion. Men are not as fashion conscious as women, but they do take extra care to build their wardrobe collections. In this article, I will guide you through some of the minimalist wardrobe essentials every man should own.

Whether you are on a tight budget or prefer minimalist lifestyle, you must have the following men’s wardrobe essentials. The list is designed to cater all your needs and outings. Following this list of minimalist wardrobe essentials, a man would never have to waste time on dressing up.

Based on your preferences such as office wear, casual wear, loungewear, and party wears; this list of minimalist wardrobe essentials for men has it all.

Best Minimalist Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials for Men

Men’s wardrobe mostly doesn’t require too many clothes and accessories as women do. You can look stylish in a minimalist look if you only take care of the options you pick for your wardrobe. Unlike women, there are also not many clothing types or accessories available for men. Hence, it becomes a lot easier for men to build their list of minimalist men’s wardrobe essentials.

Here are some of the best picks for your minimalist wardrobe collection:

A Pair of Plain Shirts (White and Black Shirt)

A plain shirt is something I would like to add to my wardrobe. A plain shirt is worn both casually and formally. The idea is to pick the right color when you are building your minimalist wardrobe collection. My personal choice will be a simple white shirt as I can wear it with a Blue or Black Denim or a Chino trouser.

Plain White Shirt Essential for Men's Wardrobe

In addition to a white shirt, I would also invest in a Black plain shirt which is perfect for party wear. Again, a black shirt can also compliment any bottom wear. It can give you a different appearance if you pick the right bottom wear.

A Pair of Chinos (Black and Khakhi)

Chinos are the new fashion trend as they offer a semi-casual look that suits all kinds of outings. With the minimalist trend picking, many clothing brands are investing heavily in Chinos as they make the best choices for both formal and casual wear.

My personal favorite is a Khakhi Chino as it is a new fashion statement among men today. Also, it can blend in well with any crew neck t-shirt or a white plain shirt based on the outing. I would even pick a plain black Chino because a black trouser is a must for every man. If chosen right, you can rock your black trousers with any t-shirt or shirt.

A Well Sewn Navy Suit

While most men prefer to go with a black suit, I prefer a dark navy suit as the complete formal wear. When I say a dark navy suit, I mean the whole pair which includes a correctly sewn suit and matching trousers.

Must Have Navy Suit for Men's Wardrobe Collection

In a country like India, we hardly see men wearing suits to the office. It’s quite uncomfortable as our weather conditions are not always suited for warmer clothes. However, keeping a suit handy is still a wise choice. You never know when you are invited to a formal event or picked to represent the company at the next client meeting.

Dark Blue Denim

A trend that never gets old is the trend of dark blue denim. Your wardrobe is incomplete without one. Since the introduction of denim, dark blue has always been the first pick for men of all generations.

Dark Blue Denim Jeans

Dark blue denim can work with all kinds of attire. You can either match it with your everyday white/black shirt or wear it on a trendy t-shirt. You will never look out of the place with a dark blue denim.

Crew Neck T-shirts

Well, casual wears are incomplete without crew neck t-shirts. A man must at least have a set of 3 crew neck t-shirts minimum. I prefer a plain black, white, and gray t-shirt each for my wardrobe.

If you aren’t a big fan of plain t-shirts, you can also pick some graphic tees. I prefer plain ones for my minimalist wardrobe collection because I can wear them on all occasions. Whether I am working out at the gym or partying, I can easily sport a plain t-shirt and still rock the scene.

A Cool Blazer

Blazers are now days prefer more than a 3-piece suit as it sports a semi-casual or semi-formal look. Blazers are currently a trend among the tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. It’s a perfect formal wear for anyone traveling a lot to attend meetups, events, and other official meets.

Sporty Blazer for Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials for Men

You don’t need formal trousers or shirts to go with a blazer. You can sport a blazer on your casual t-shirt and jeans look.

A Pair of Oxford Lace-Up Shoes

For someone looking for a semi-casual or semi-formal look, you must own a pair of Oxford Lace-up Shoes. I prefer two, but you can always go for one if you don’t need two. I would want a brown and a black pair of lace-up shoes as it will allow me to wear it over different combinations.

Oxford Lace-up Shoes

However, you can go for these colors, or there’s also blue if you prefer a retro look.

A Pair of Trainers or Sneakers

To counter the semi-casual or semi-formal footwear, you need a pair of sneakers or trainers. If you pick right, you can wear these sneakers or trainers both outdoors as well as during workouts.

Trainers for Men

If you are thinking only casual, then go for the pure whites, or you can pick the colors that can blend with all the clothes in your minimalist wardrobe.

A Quality Wristwatch

In this age of smartphones, you don’t need a wristwatch. However, sporting a cool wristwatch is never out of trend. You can either go for an all-metal 3-dial watch or sport a casual wristwatch with leather or rubber belts.

Men's Wristwatch - A Wardrobe Essential

Irrespective of what you choose, a wristwatch is a must in your minimalist wardrobe collection.

A Pair of Belts (Black and Brown)

While you can still get away without a wristwatch, you must never opt out of belts. No matter, how neat your whole attire is, it will look dull without a proper belt. I prefer a black leather belt as it will blend with any attire.

Leather Belts for Men

In addition to the formal black ones, I would also get a brown leather belt to don casual attire.

A Leather Jacket (Optional)

Winters are seasonal in India, and a real leather jacket can dig a deep hole in your pocket. However, a leather jacket is also a refreshing addition to your minimalist wardrobe. My personal favorite is a brown leather jacket; however, my second pick would a plain black one.

If you are not into leather products, you can always opt for leather alternatives that resemble the original leather but are not made up of real animal skin.

Over to you!

You can upgrade or downgrade your minimalist wardrobe as per your style preferences and budget. It is an ideal list for a metrosexual male. Almost every man can build their minimalist wardrobe collection based on the items listed above.

If you have a slightly higher budget, then you can add a couple of jeans and Henley as well as few V-neck t-shirts to add multiple variations to your minimalist wardrobe essentials list.

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  2. That’s very useful men’s wardrobe essentials list. Indeed black and white Shirt and Suit carry it’s own grace. My brother is obsessed with Black and white Shirt.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I often get confused when I have to gift my man. He likes white shirts and belts which he keeps buying himself. And nothing is left for me to gift him.

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