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Diversity in Indian Cuisine

The ‘Indian food’ is considered as a world cuisine today, with a diverse character in itself. One, who truly knows the Indian cuisine, can never point out a particular variety. This is because it has evolved through various civilizations and inter-cultural preferences for over 500 years. Hence, the food preferences are as diverse as the land, culture and its languages. 

The Indian cuisine is dominated by the religion and geographical conditions as well as the history of the region. For example, vegetarian culture is widely practiced in many Hindu, Buddhist and Jain communities. Let us take look at the diversity of Indian cuisine in various regions. 


  • The first thing that comes to mind of a dessert lover like me are the sweets like sandesh and rasagolla. 
  • The East Indian food is cooked in  rich curries and with plenty of spices. One popular spice used here are the Poppy seeds. Other commonly used spices are Mustard seeds, Cumin seeds, Black Cumin, Turmeric, etc. 
  • People prefer Rice over roti or naan. 
  • From Hilsa to Prawns—Bengali people are very fond of seafood especially, fish for both lunch and dinner


  • Just like Eastern region, the South Indians love to use lots of spices. 
  • South Indian staple food happens to be Rice and curries.
  • Most of the south Indian food is cooked in coconut oil which imparts a delicious aroma to their cuisine. 
  • Food is generally served on banana leaves in traditional households and many restaurants.
  •  A few popular food preparations would be the unique Sāmbhar, Rasam, Fish curries often enjoyed with Dosa, Uttapam and Idli. Payassam is a common dessert.
  • A liberal use of mixed pickles, spices, tamarind chutneys and yoghurt is a pary of their daily meals.
  • In the regions like Hyderabad, the Awadhi Biriyani is extremely popular. 
South Indian Cuisine


  • It is marked by a liberal use of dairy products, like ghee, butter and paneer.  
  • North Indians mostly enjoy sabzee and dal with breads like: paratha,naan, kulcha and roti over Rice.
  • Meat is also widely popular among the Punjabi community and they often indulge in Chicken, Mutton and Pork.
  • The desserts generally include halwa, laddu,kheer and jalebi. 
  • The tradition of kebab and meat dishes had originated from the Muslims’ incursions into the country during the Mughal period. 
Indian Cuisine


Cuisines of India

Indian cuisine is diverse and vast. It is not possible to describe the dishes of one state in totality but we are sure, this write up does make your taste buds dance to the sheet variety of food in India.

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