Delhi – A Vibrant Fusion of Different Food Culture
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A Vibrant Fusion of Different Food Culture – Delhi

If there’s any city which is obsessed with food, then it has to be Delhi. Delhi, also known as National Capital Territory of Delhi, is a union territory of India. While it has been the capital city during the Mughal rule, the food culture of Delhi is highly influenced by Mughlai cuisine. Besides the Mughlai cuisine, the city also boasts of the typical North India cuisine, basically influenced by the Punjabi and Haryanvi food cultures.

Types of Foods in Delhi

Due to the fusion of different food culture, the residents of Delhi have picked up a unique style of cooking and popularized the trends of kebab, biriyani, and tandoori. The neighboring state of Punjab has also highly influenced the vibrant food culture of the city. Mughlai cuisine is also a hot favorite among the residents of Delhi.

Street Foods Obsessed City of India

Being a metro and a fast living city, Delhi has developed a unique trend of street foods. Delhi has always been the source of starting the Dhaba culture in India. People in the city are very fond of dining at local dhabas every now and then.

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The most popular dishes served at most street food stalls in Delhi include the famous chaats such as aloo chaat, Indian popular snacks such as Samosa, Gol Gappe, Dahi Vada, Chole Bhature, Chole Kulche, and sweets such as jalebi. You can also taste some popular non-vegetarian dishes such as Butter Chicken at these food stalls.

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Street food stalls are found almost everywhere throughout the city. Chandni Chowk area is the most popular hub of street food in Delhi. There are other places too, to taste the street food culture of the city. Some of these well-known spots are Dilli Haat, Hauz Khas, Sarojini Nagar market, Old Delhi, and more.

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Royal Treat from the Mughlai Cuisine

Although every different cuisine is available in Delhi, the one that is most likely the authentic taste of the city is the Mughlai cuisine. The reason is the fact that Delhi had been the Mughal capital for three centuries and most of the food culture in the city is influenced by their cuisine. The popular dishes from Mughal era such as naans, kebabs, kormas, nihari, biriyani and pilaffs are even today famous in Delhi.

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Visit Old Delhi area and you will find a few historic restaurants serving these Mughlai dishes. Many of these restaurants have lineage across centuries. The forefathers of the people who run these restaurants also once served in the Mughlai royal kitchen. If you ever be in Delhi and desire to taste the authentic Mughlai cuisine then try visiting Karim’s, a chain of restaurants across Delhi or you can try Pindi restaurant. You can also try the famous Nihari at Kallu’s Halim.

The Punjabi Influence

Since the partition of 1947, the Punjabis have made Delhi their home. Since then Punjabi food has become the heart and soul for Delhi residents. Some of the typical Punjabi food such as Butter Chicken, Chole Bhature, Saag and Makki ki Roti, Rajma Chawal, Chicken Tandoori and Tandoori roti, etc. have gained immense popularity among the local as well as outsiders who visit Delhi for work or pleasure.

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The popularity of these Punjabi dishes can be anticipated by the fact that these dishes are the primary meal served at most parties, weddings, and functions across Delhi.

Over to You!

So, the next time you visit Delhi for work or pleasure; don’t spoil the visit by dining at some fancy restaurant. Visit the real Delhi in places like Chandni Chowk. Taste the authentic flavor that this amazing city has to offer.

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