The Teenage Effect
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The teenage effect.

The teenage effect (workings and what happens when a girl & boy hits teenage)

During their teens, your young ones go through a lot of hormonal changes. Even if every individual possesses their unique traits, some personality characteristics of teenagers are common because they are all going through the same phase. Let us analyze the teenage effect broadly in this post.

Seeking independence

As soon as the child enters his teenage, he/she starts to understand the world. By this time, they get the idea of building their lives on their own. They strive hard to become independent as a person and often ask their parents to respect their privacy. They start making decisions (often sound foolish to parents) for themselves.

Taking risks

The teenage effect

In the teenage years, decision-making parts of the brain start to develop. At this time, children are more prone to take risks without knowing the consequences of their choice. They are incapable of thinking about the repercussions as the brain is still developing and hasn’t developed completely yet. 


The teenage effect

Getting attracted to opposite sexes becomes very common. If the attraction is limited to harmless flirting, it’s okay, but if it goes beyond that, then it becomes injurious. Often teenagers engage themselves in unprotected sexual encounters resulting in pregnancy and STI. The outcomes of these encounters are not positive in any way. The responsibility of making children aware of such consequences lies with parents and teachers.


The teenage effect

Teens prefer spending more time with their friends than their family members. The friend circle plays a crucial role in shaping the individual’s personality. If the child surrounds herself with positive people, she is going to be a person acceptable by society, and if she gets in a lousy company, the society might abandon her.

Teenagers aren’t stubborn or fierce creatures, but they are creatures controlled by their hormones. Parents should handle them with love and patience because the children are not mature enough to do that. Do leave your comments and views and we can do more detailed posts in the coming days on parenting of Teenagers and the teenage effect as a whole. 

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