How to be a friend to your kid
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How to be a friend to your kid

Befriending your kid may seem like a tricky affair to you, but it is not. Kids are not creepy or difficult to handle as most people perceive them to be; they are growing and learning things in their unique ways. Most kids think they are old enough to make their decisions but at the same time, look for someone who can back their choices. Someone who can be a friend to your kid. The chance of you to be that someone is high because kids love and appreciate it when their parents mold themselves to become their friends. 

How to be a friend to your kid

Let’s see some practical techniques to befriend your growing angels.

Listen to them

Many kids face trouble in communicating their feelings to their parents because the parents often prefer not to listen to what the child has to say.

Avoid being Judgmental

Again, here, you have to keep your ears and mind open while listening to them. Try to understand their perception, and if you think they are moving in the wrong direction, there is an amicable way to make them aware of that. By yelling at them, you will only push them away from you.

Build up a mutual trust

Don’t lie to them and encourage them to speak the truth. The act of staying truthful would assure the integrity and will strengthen your bond.

Treat them with respect

If you want your children to respect you, you must first learn to respect them, especially in front of others. Kids are vulnerable to humiliation, and they might replicate your behavior towards them in the future. 

Hang out with them

How to be a friend to your kid

Hanging out and going on a family outing are two different things. Go out for a movie together and discuss the story. Discussion helps you to get into their heads without making you look like an interrogation officer.

Stick to these rules and enjoy the friendship phrase with your young ones. Be a friend to your kid.

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