5 ways to energize yourself when you are exhausted of parenting
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Energize yourself when exhausted of parenting

Parenting kids is not a cakewalk and it certainly takes a toll on you. Parenting is exhausting and it is perfectly okay if you feel drained and exhausted of it, at times. However, the show must go on. So, here are 5 ways to energize yourself when you are exhausted while parenting.


Now, this might sound like the most lame thing to do because as a parent, your mind is never actually free of thoughts or worries. However, trust me on this and whenever your baby is napping or your little one is off to school or coaching, do devote at least ten minutes in a day to meditating.

5 ways to energize yourself when you are exhausted of parenting

Creating a supportive environment is vital. Do it at a time when you have no duties to tend to. Choose a part of the home where it is the least noisy and you can get some fresh air. Soothing music and a scented candle will be nice, too. You may chant a mantra or simply concentrate on your breathing. Guided meditation videos on Youtube are really helpful as well.

I assure, the flow of thoughts does get slowed down with passage of time and regular meditation. You tend to worry less and be a more positive and patient person.

A hot shower or a full fledged massage session at the spa

This one is my personal favourite. Hot water really takes away the pain from sore and aching muscles. If you have the luxury of a bathtub, do add some Epsom salt. If you do not have a tub then an aromatic body wash with sea salts may help to calm down your aching body and overactive mind.

5 ways to energize yourself when you are exhausted of parenting

If your time and pocket allows, go for a massage at the spa to refuel your energy and sanity.

Talk to your kids

It is very important to make your kid feel confident about talking to you. The channels of communication between parents and kids must always be two sided. This is especially true for parents of teenagers. If a child feels that he would not be understood, he would not open up to you and might end up bottling up emotions or confiding in other people who might not be their well wishers. So, always listen to your child and try to understand things from their perspective. When a kid feels that he has his or her parents’ back and trust, he is much more likely to stay on the right track.

5 ways to energize yourself when you are exhausted of parenting

Moreover, you will be surprised at how your kids are more mature and clever than you about so many things. Talking is a real stress reliever so, get taking!!

Join parenting groups on social media

5 ways to energize yourself when you are exhausted of parenting

These days, social media has made it so easy for us to join groups and communities based on certain common interests. So, you can share your concerns and opinions with other parents through these platforms. Anything from studies to emotional issues in kids can be taken up here. Sometimes, it is good to know what others have to say about something that is bugging your mind.

5 ways to energize yourself when you are exhausted of parenting

Read books on positive parenting and well, sip on some coffee!

A daily dose of motivation helps a lot when dealing with kids. So, reading books that are relevant to your child’s age is a good idea.

About coffee, well, we mean any beverage you enjoy. Just enjoy your reading time.

Practice care not control

Understand that as a mother or parent, it is your duty to guide your child. It is not our birthright to dictate things to kids. Exercising control would not let their personality boom fully.

5 ways to energize yourself when you are exhausted of parenting

Lastly, make yourself a priority every once in a while. Happy parenting.


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  1. Meditation helps in calling down for sure. I am firm believer of talking to kids if they are at that age were they understand the idea behind it. Parenting is definitely not a cake walk but with practices you have mentioned it can become manageable one.
    #Momology #MothersGurukulreads

  2. Although not a parent yet, I appreciate the goods & bads that come with the responsibility of parenting. But these remedies will surely help people come out of tough times.

  3. Nothing like a hot shower to wash away stress. It does wonders and also gives some “me time” to analyze things. Love the rest of the suggestions too, UK. A big thumbs up on the post!

  4. Talking to your kid is a sure shot way for me. I learn a little as much I share insights with my 10yr old.

    A de-stressing at the spa works me too!

  5. Great tips, indeed parenting is a difficult task and these relaxation tips are definitely going to help

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