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Family is where life begins and love never ends……! Togetherness is a very important ingredient in the family. Creating a bond of love and friendship can only happen when we take the time to do that.  Family time is an important part of a human’s life. A healthy relationship among members of a family has healthy individuals too. A family stands only if its roots of love, connections, bond, and relationship are strong. 

Our family plays an important role in parenting. It helps to develop the personality of a child. The more time you spend with your child helps your child to trust you and ensures that they don’t get distracted during their teenage years.  The time that we spend with children should be quality time i.e. where are proper interaction, sharing problems, solutions take place. Before reacting to every situation the child and parents should listen to each other carefully. Remember, when you raise a healthy family every day, it is an adventure.

Spending quality time with your child can help you to understand each other’s behavioral patterns and qualities.  Toys can never replace attention, so investing time is very important. More money, toys, things won’t replace moments stored in memory.  Quality moments are given to family make us more satisfied and contented in life.


For Parents

For a parent, it is very important that you involve your child in family plans. If some guests are arriving at your place, you can ask them to help you out with certain things like setting a table, chopping vegetables or you can take suggestions from them for the menu. Always keep the interest of your child in mind, it will give you 100% participation from them and in return gives them a feeling of responsibility.

Technology sometimes takes away our family time.  It is very necessary to put our screens down and give some time for fun and activities for our family.  “Your cell phone already replaced the camera, calendar, alarm clock…don’t let is replace your family.”

A little appreciation from parents can do wonders.  It motivates your child to get involved in the family.  Appreciation given in front of others plays a very crucial role.  Happiness is making your child proud. Give your child freedom and let them take small decisions for the family.  Spending time with family helps in understanding each other’s opinions, differences and gives the feeling of assurance and all stand one whenever the need arises.  During simple and easy conversations we can give them a few lessons of life, that’ll act as a treasure for them, for the entire life. 

Ways to have family time: 

1) Having at least one meal a day.

2)  Playing Together

3) Going for a Vacation.

4) Visiting relatives

5) Cooking together

6) Sharing your memories.

7) Going for shopping.

8) Watching T.V. together

9) Giving time to your child’s favorite activity &

10) Giving small surprises.        

My Conclusion

Family time plays an important role in making our children aware of family rituals and traditions.  Celebrating festivals together is a great way of socializing and meeting relatives. Never ever regret the time and money that you spend on your family.  Your kids will always have memories of family time and bonding. Always remember one thing that everything you speak and do, your kids are listening and watching you.  How one parent treats the other matters a lot! Be an example for your child how they should treat other people.

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  1. Lovely post , agree with you.
    Spending quality time with our kids is so important. I believe in giving them sweet memories which they will cherish for ever

  2. You have raised a very important topic in this matter. With both parents working all the time, it’s tough for the entire family to bond. Excellent article!

  3. I so agree parents giving time to their kids plays a major role in their upbringing. Seems you have great experience in good parenting.

  4. Really a very good post …whether u stay in a nuclear family for joint family time is really important jus helps to strengthen the bonds among each other

  5. Such a informative post, I so agree spending quality time with family is so important, we never touch phone when we are around

  6. Small things go a long way. In my father’s side of family we never would get to sit together and eat bcz of work issues but I saw that after marriage my in laws would have one meal together, laughing and discussing things and that made me warm up to them.

  7. The best legacy we can leave our children are good values and the foundation to become good human beings. This is best done by spending quality family time with them. Spending quality family time on a day to day basis and making those family getaways a regular affair is so important.

  8. “Your cell phone already replaced the camera, calendar, alarm clock…don’t let is replace your family.” that’s what it’s come down to nowadays. I ensure that one meal a day is with my full family.

  9. My father made a rule of having dinner together long ago. And during that time, we sit and talk about the thing happened during the day. In this we bond and stay together.

  10. Spending time with family is very special.These are great tips to find a balanced parenting style for all family

  11. That’s a very nice post. I guess all families should have family time with thier kids.

  12. That’s a beautiful post and I so agree with your views that we as parents play a great role in creating a warm and loving environment as a family for child to flourish !

  13. Family acts as a role model for kids when it comes to parenting. Kids grow and indulge the family values, so family is important for parenting.

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