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Ways To Avoid Common Dental Problems

Ways To Avoid Common Dental Problems

The importance of good oral health cannot be overemphasized for it is from your mouth that the food enters your body. The very process of digestion starts here too. Today, we are here with certain tips that will help you maintain oral health at its best. Let us discuss how to avoid common Dental Problems.

Care for your teeth

  • The golden rule of brushing twice a day is not unknown to anybody. Once in the morning and once at night. However, let me tell you a secret here. While most of us like to brush right away after getting up, it is not the best time to brush your teeth. You can surely use a mouthwash to get rid of that early morning odor.

Brush and Paste

  • If you have already brushed your teeth at night and indulged in no night time snacking, you need not brush right away in the morning. It is always better to brush your teeth after having your breakfast. At night, needless to say, you should brush after having your dinner and post dinner snack/milk/coffee etc.
  • Rinse your mouth after every meal. This is no biggie, we have the privilege of freely available water everywhere.You simply need to swish water around in your mouth really well after your meals and you will be surprised at how much stuck food particles are you able to get rid off.
  • A gap of half an hour after your meal is ideal before you brush your teeth. You must rinse immediately after finishing your meal but brush after half an hour. After meals, the acidity of your mouth is on a higher side.Brushing immediately leads to wearing off of the topmost layer of teeth leading to dental sensitivity.
  • Learning how to floss properly helps to avoid dental problems by cleaning the inter-dental surfaces.
  • Do not be overenthusiastic about brushing. You must not apply too much pressure while brushing. Be gentle on your teeth and clean all surfaces using vertical or rounded motions. Horizontal scrubbing is ideal only for the chewing surfaces of your teeth and not any of the other surfaces.

Dental care

  • Invest in a good quality, soft bristle brush and discard it every three months. Also, sanitize your toothbrush after you have a throat infection.
  • Do not open bottle caps, wrappers and other such things using your teeth, Please use them only for the intended purposes.

Care for your gums

  • Rinse using warm, salty water once a day preferable before retiring to bed after brushing your teeth.Have you ever heard people complaining of bleeding gums, especially in the morning. You can totally avoid such a situation by doing warm saline rinses.Warm water is comfortable to use in the mouth as compared to cold water for rinsing since your teeth do not get sensitive. Salt on the other hand has two roles.One, it draws out any excess fluid from the gum cells by osmosis thus, reducing swelling. Two, it acts as an antibacterial agent and kills bacterial cells in the oral cavity by desiccating them.

Oral Care

  • Eat more raw foods in the form of fruit and vegetable salads.The act of chewing acts as a natural stimulant and massage for your gums and improves blood circulation.
  • Avoid using toothpicks on a regular basis. They cause more harm to your gums than any good. You can instead invest in  water irrigation device if, you have a tendency of food getting trapped in your interdental spaces. Water picks help to flush out trapped food particles without damaging your gums.
  • Include foods rich in Calcium and Vitamin C in your diet to strengthen your teeth and gums.We will be doing an article on this topic really soon.
  • Massaging gums with organic coconut oil helps to improve blood circulation. Oil pulling is another great way to keep your oral cavity disease free in addition to other dental hygiene practices.

Concluding note

Best TEeth

 Last but not the least , once in every six months, go for professional check up of your teeth. In Spite of our best efforts, sometimes dental problems pop up. It is best to nip them in the bud rather than letting them thrive.

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24 thoughts on “Ways To Avoid Common Dental Problems

  1. Informative post with useful tips.
    Was not knowing about rinsing with warm saline water , will keep in mind now

    1. Its always best to take good care of our teeth.Thats what dentists say too.A helpful post to take care of our teeth best.

      1. Oohh god this is my nightmare, I didn’t took care now I’m facing aftermath, will take care now, thank you sir

  2. Rinsing mouth after every meal helps a lot in preventing cavities. After the birth of my baby, I literally forgot to brush my teeth during bedtime.

  3. Thanks for sharing informative pist …i always forget to floss but will start from now onwards..rinsing with saline water was a new introductiin to me

  4. These are important things that we often overlook. I also read somewhere that the mouthwash liquids that we get are not really good for our teeth. Any comments on that?

    1. Yes, we need to consult our dentist before using any oral care. Since the teeth types and gums differ, only a certified dentist knowing our history can recommend the best for us. 🙂

  5. It is sad that not that much focus is there by most people on dental care. Only when there is a toothache or cavity do people look at dental care. But regular care of the teeth ensures their health. Really liked the detailed way you have talked about the various ways we can ensure better dental health.

  6. People don’t pay much heed to dental hygiene till it’s too late. There’s so much I didn’t know till I read your article.

  7. I think people hardly follow first the golden rule of brushing twice a day and second excessive sweet food thing. They don’t care. Thus they end up losing their teeth. Thank you for sharing these tips.

  8. That’s a informative post to care for our dental hygiene. Will follow the tips you shared.

  9. I follow many of the mentioned tips to take care of my teeth but sometimes i forget to wash my mouth after meals. I need to fill it now.

  10. This is such a useful post with great tips on dental hygiene. We often neglect dental care and it can lead to various difficulties at later stage. Thanks for these helpful tips !

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