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Maintain your kitchen like a pro with these tips

Maintain your kitchen like a pro with these tips

Being a foodie, I get to spend a lot of time cooking meals in the kitchen. Over the years, I have learnt some hacks to make working inn kitchen easy and efficient. Maintaining a kitchen well is an ongoing process rather than one designated core. Read on below to know more…

Do not let your dishes sit in the sink overnight with all the gunk on them. There are chances that you have a domestic help who comes over in the morning to clean the utensils. Fair enough, do not use soap on them simply rinse them with water once. To make this task simple enough, ask all family members to toss the leftovers in the dustbin and then rinse their utensils with water after every meal. The segregation of work makes the task easy.

  • Always have a garbage bag in your dustbin from preventing it from getting all slimy and dirty. Also, having a few crushed newspaper pages on the bottom of your garbage bag helps to absorb the moisture from whatever you throw in there.

Kitchen storage

  • Keep your slabs clean and organized. The best way to do this is to use trays to keep stuff rather than scattering things all over the place. This makes your kitchen look tidy and it is easier to wipe the slabs as well.

Kitchen platform

  • Store things in cabinets as much as possible to avoid cluttering of slabs. Also, use drawer organizers.

Kitchen cabinet

  • Use a solution of vinegar, baking soda and plant enzyme based detergent to clean surfaces in your kitchen. It cleans, removes stains, deodorizer and disinfects in one go.
  • Every once in a while pour down the above mixture in your kitchen drain as well. This dissolves all the grime and prevents clogging of drain.

Kitchen Sink

  • Throw in a Lemon cut in two halves along with some dish wash soap and warm water in a glass bowl. Microwave this water for 40 seconds. You can now wipe the interior of your microwave with a clean cloth to remove all the deposited gunk and grime from it.


  • Use a good disinfectant liquid to mop the floors of your kitchen.

Home made

  • Keep cockroaches away by going for an annual pest control. On a daily basis, you can spray some cockroach repellent in under the sink area because that’s where they mostly come from. Also, wipe your utensils really well before storing them in cabinets. Moisture is the biggest factor that invites pests. Also, throw in some silica packets or activated charcoal bags in your kitchen cabinets.


  • Always have some kind of a liner on your kitchen shelves and cabinets. This prevents them from getting dirty in case of accident spills. Also, these liners should be replaced monthly. You can use newspapers or chart papers as liners. Simple and economic.

Kitchen Tray

Kitchen Shelf

  • Clean your refrigerator regularly. The easiest way to prevent the refrigerator from getting dirty is to cook only in measured quantities so that you hardly have any leftovers. Bring in only the required amount of stuff from market. No need to stock up too much these days as we have access to so many shopping apps that deliver things within hours of ordering.Again, have plastic liners for refrigerator shelves.

Kitchen Fridge

So, these were some of my personal tips to keep the kitchen spicy and span. I cannot overemphasize the importance of a clean kitchen as, this is the place where all your meals get cooked. I would love if you guys share your kitchen maintenance hacks in the comments below. There is always a scope of learning from each other.

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